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Lower cost drywall Onekin for housing than traditional drywall

Lower cost drywall Onekin for housing than traditional drywall

  • Drywall type: hollow wall type T & G, hollow core
  • Standard size: 2800 x 600 x 90/100/120/150/200 mm
  •            2900 x 600 x 90/100/120/150/200 mm
  • Production capacity: 3000pcs/day
  • Tested: thermal conductivity, fireproof, heat resistance, compressive strength, flexural strength, sound insulation, toxic performance.
  • Certificates: TUV, INTERTEK, ASTM, CNAS

For the traditional drywall as we know how fiber cement board, gypsum board, mgo Board and calcium silicate Board, they part of the wall system, attach to truss and steel beam with bolts, it is construction can be operated only by the team of construction professionals and the cost is high. And is a way for high building, waste of time and cost to make the partition wall.


Onekin green wall is a new generation drywall, made of concrete, which is high magnesium fireproof 2-4 hours, light weight, fast construction, good sound and thermal insulation and also save its housing construction time and cost. For this image, please see the Imagine yourself as follows. Perhaps you mean, is it really the cement concrete wall Panel of this style, but compared to cement concrete panel, this Panel only used as wall partition and very light for construction, can be operated by the hand of man. And also nail is much better than the cement concrete panel. Water absorption rate of green wall panel Onekin only half of the cement concrete panel.


Use the Green Wall Panel Onekin for housing, You can save 10%-30% cost of housing. It can be used for exterior wall partition and interior wall partition too. It's easy not to be operated, any special need team building for construction. No matter the House villa, townhouse or high building, you can save your work and also your materials cost.

Normal Specifications: * 600 mm 2800, 2900, 3000 * 600 mm * 600 mm

Thickness: 90 mm




Sound Insulation


FCL (1 * 40 ' HQ)

2800 * 600 * 90 mm

36 (Normal)



40 (Enhanced)


370pcs/621.60 m2

For other sizes, please post here or contact our sales.

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