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Onekin new partition wall panel with fire rated four hours

Onekin new partition wall panel with fire rated four hours

  • Loading port: Tianjin Port
  • Material: mgo panel
  • Application: residential house partition
  • Reaction to fire: grade A1
  • Environmental test: matching grade A
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Onekin new partition wall panel with fire rated four hours

Onekin new partition wall panel introduction

  Onekin new partition wall panel is a new type of wall material. it has meet the requirement of environmental friendly.According to the test, it has meet the grade A environment building material.
  Onekin panel can meet the requirement because of our raw material as well as production.

  1. raw material
  Onekin panel use mgo (magnesium oxide) as main material, reaction material mgcl2(magnesium chloride). with plant fiber as reinforced material, which is recycle material. so the raw material is total green and safe, make the panel 100% asbetos free, no formaldehyde, no content of any toxic material.
  2. production
  Onekin panel production is based on chemical reaction of magnesium oxide & magnesium chloride. the reaction itself released energy, no need for any other support. so the production is green too.
  the two points above has make it total safe.

mgo(magnesium oxide)                 mgcl2(magnesium chloride)


Onekin new partition wall panel specification

  based on the requirement of contracting, Onekin panel is design with consideration of connection and installation.

  length range: 2200~3600mm
  width: 600
  thickness:75/90/100/120/150/200 (120/150 is more often used for wall partition)

  commonly used size: 2800/2900*600(good for container loading)

  design: tongue and groove design, with hollow core in the middile.

Why Onekin new partition wall material can resist fire for four hours?

  the raw material, magnesium oxide, is a nature fireproof element. it's commonly used for fire protection purpose.
While Onekin has take the technology into wall material, to meet the high standard of fireproof requirement.
  Onekin wall system with our new green panel has reached four hours fire resistance, required by Singapore customers.
Also, we can change the thickness and formula to meet higher level of fire protection.

The Application in partition wall/wall partition

  Onekin panel is being used as replacement for trandition wall material, such as brick, hollow brick, AAC panel, cement panel ect.
for partition wall, 120/150mm is commonly used for high buildings, while 100mm is used for steel structure with three floors.

  Also, the hanging strength is high enough to support the air conditioners.

  view more for EXTERIOR WALL

Performance for Onekin new partition wall panel

  Onekin panel is using for replacement for trandition wall material with good reason.
a. save construction time
  Onekin panel is using prefab wall concept, the installation is very fast. based on the data feedback by our customers, Onekin panel can install 40~50 square meters for one worker per day, differ from the thickness as well as the workers experience.
b. save total cost
  Onekin panel can save cost on labour, construction, project managment ect. with our material, can save total cost from 10% to 30%.
c. meeting high requirement for fireproof
  Onekin panel wall system has been success for four hours fire rating with 150mm thickness, we can do much more if you have higher requirement.
d. total green
  as explained, Onekin panel has no toxic content, it is also termite resistant.

Onekin Quality Control System

  Onekin is giving high attention for QC, and has set up four steps of quality control, start from raw material.
we have chemical engineer working in this field over 15 years, ensure high quality for each production.

  for details QC, please contact our sales.

Onekin Factory Tour

  Onekin factory is delivery cargos with 1200~1500 pcs/day, and is always ready for expand the production ability.

Onekin Project

  Below shows a picture of our project, for more details and data, please contact our sales.


 Onekin wall panel got ASTM, TUV certificate. with these datas, can meet your high standard requirement.

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