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Onekin precast wall panels shorten your construction time

Onekin precast wall panels shorten your construction time

  • raw material: magnesium oxide
  • main performance: fireproof, lightweight
  • fast/easy installation: shorten construction time
  • application: replace of precast concrete wall panels
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Onekin precast wall panels shorten your construction time

What is Onekin precast wall panels?
  Onekin precast wall panel is a new type of precast wall materials, the raw material is magnesium oxide, so it is also called magnesium oxide panels or mgo wall panels. Not like other precast wall materials, Onekin precast wall panels are made by chemical reaction, the whole production needs no exterior energy such as electrical or pressure. It makes the panel total green, has no toxic content.

  Onekin precast wall panels specification:
  standard size: 2800/2900*600mm
  thickness: 200/150/120/100/90/75mm
  design: hollow core
  edge connection: Tonge & Groove

What performance Onekin precast wall panels have?

  Onekin precast wall panels has below performance, and you may also consult our sales for more information

1. fireproof grade A1
    Onekin precast wall panel is made by mgo, which is nature fireproof performance. It makes it excellent performance for fireproof. Per Onekin testing, fire rated 4 hours.
2. waterproof
   Onekin wall panels is waterproof, it can be used in high humidity & high temperature area, such as Oman, Qatar, Israel ect.
3. lightweight
  Onekin panel is lightweight, the density range from 350~520kgs/m3, lighter than similar products in the market.
 thickness(mm)  75  90  100  120  150  200
 density(kgs/m2)  38  42  45  55  60  75

4.environmental friendly
  the raw material and prodution are total green, make the panels green and has no toxic elements.

for more performance such as fast installation & save cost, please contact our sales.

Onekin precast wall VS precast concrete wall

  There's a lot similar wall products as precast wall panels, but Onekin customers are keeping choosing Onekin, what would be the reason?

  Well, below give a breif comparison between onekin precast wall panels and precast concrete wall panels.
a. the comparirion between transportation
  Onekin precast wall panels is under good conditions after long sea transportations, while precast concrete wall panels are damaged on the surface.
  You may have a close look from below pictures.
precast concrete wall panels

Onekin precast wall panels

b. comparision during installation
  concrete precast wall is not easy installation while Onekin precast wall panel is well installed with good conditions.

precast concrete panels installation

Onekin precast wall panels installation

Onekin project reference

  Onekin precast wall panels are popular among project owners who want to save/shorten construction time, while save total project cost. It is also popular in countires which have high requirements for fireproof performance. below list project, for more installation projects in your country, please contact our sales.

Singapore project reference

Onekin company introdution

  Onekin group is a company that values people, we have Onekin Hongkong company, Onekin Ethopia branch and Onekin heas office in Chengdu. These three companies are always working like a group, and Onekin thinks customer first, staff second. With Onekin team, we would like to build win-win situation together, with customers & staffs.

▼ Onekin head office

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