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Onekin wall panel easy install for wall system

Onekin wall panel easy install for wall system

  • Product name:Onekin wall panel easy install for wall system
  • Raw material:MgO+MgCL2
  • Brand:Onekin
  • Density:550-600kgs/m3
  • Colour:white

What is Onekin wall panel?

1.Onekin wall panel is a lightweight building materials:

Onekin wall panel is much lighter,the weight for our different thickness is as following.

 Thickness  75mm  90mm  100mm  120mm  150mm  200mm
 Weight  36-38kgs/m2  40-42kgs/m2  40-45kgs/m2   45-55kgs/m2  55-60kgs/m2  70-75kgs/m2

Our onekin wall panel's weight is nearly 1/3 weith of traditional bricks ,cement panel etc.

2.Onekin wall panel's fireproof function significantly:

Onekin wall panel mainly made from magnesium oxide which is a natural fireproof materials,

So,our onekin wall panel is a non-combustible builidng materials,the non-combustible can 

reach to 800℃, no falmes can reach to at 1200℃

3.Onekin wall panel is heat insulating and energy saving

According to our Korean customer test,for house built by Onekin wall panel,electricity 

consumption is about 2kWh per day.While for cement panel house is about 10 kWH per day.

which means our Onekin wall panel can save up to 80% energy.

From all above,we can see that Onekin wall panel is a ideal replacement of taditional 

builidng materials such as bricks,fiber cement panel etc.

How easy for Onekin wall panel install?

As our Onekin wall panel is much light than other traditional building materials,It's also 

very easy for install,only simple  step can finished the installation.

Step 1:Mark the line

Step 2:The connection between panel and columns

Step 3:The connection between panels

Step 4:Onekin wall panel fixation

Step 5:Check and adjust the wall 

Step 6:Filling the gap 

Step 7:Pipe and line installation

Step 8:QC for Onekin wall panel installation 

Onekin wall panel VS cement panel VS bricks

Lighter weight 
* 1/3 weight of cement panel and bricks
* lower structural load
* reduce the base,linter beams and stiffener

Faster installation
40m2/day/worker:2-5 faster installation
* Bricks:5m2/day/worker 
Cement panel:16m2/day/worker 
Reduce the time of construction 

Lower cost
Saving on
* Structure
* Labor
* Project management cost
* Construction period
Save up to 30% of the total cost
Short pay back

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