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PVC replacement partition wall panel   sound insulation and water resistant

PVC replacement partition wall panel sound insulation and water resistant

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Life span:70years
  • Surface:smooth
  • MOQ:40HQ
  • Application:internal wall.partition,external wall
  • lightweight: 41kg/m2 (100mm)
  • Fast installation: 40m2/man/day
  • Fireproof:up to 4h
  • Sound insulation: 51dB
  • Water absorption: 22%

 PVC replacement partition wall panel 

sound insulation and water resistant


Made from magnesium oxide cementing materials, with natural fireproof & noncombustible performances, light weight and fast installation. 


Products information


Raw material: magnesium oxide.

Standard size: 2800*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm.

Usage: partition wall, external and internal wall.


Phối cảnh dự án căn hộ Newton Residence

Information :

Condotel -- 18 floors

Total 41373 ㎡ 

100mm internal; 150mm partition


Main feature



Onekin panels have excellent performance. It is soundproof, water resistant, heat insulation, fast installation and fireproof. it is also non-toxic, eco-frendly.




Fireproof:  up to 4 hours.

Non-combustible at 800 degree, remain flameless at 1200 degree.

TUV test for 100mm thickness,  fireproof result is 132min.





Water resistant


Water absorption rate: 20%.

Soak test: from Feb 18,2016 till  now still has high strength, not easy to break.



Sound and heat insulation


Sound insulation: up to 51dB

Thermal conductivity: 0.17w/mk

Hollow core design:  great efficiency in insulation noise. 

Making the house warm in winter, cool in summer.




Our lightweight Mgo wall panel is a new Eco-friendly materials. Comparing to troditional construction materials, it has better performance, expecially in strength and fireproof function.  The chart below can help you understanding our green panel well:



Fsat installation


Onekin panel is easy cut, sawn and taped.  According to our customers feedback and ecperiance, one worker can install about 40~50 square maters ina day, while it is only  5~7 square maters for traditional bricks. With this installation speed, can shorten speed, can shorten the whole project time 30%.


Accessories needs


We joint the panel by using nails, mortar and fiberglass mesh tape. The middle of our panel use bollow core design, for easy pipe and electrical line.


Bonding materials: cement mortar + 50mm width fiberglass mesh + cement mortar. 



Quality control


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Check and adjust the flatness verticality and diagonal line when finishing the wall installation between two columns. Make sure the wall surface is flat and straight, and then we can start the decoration after one week.




 For more installation details, please contact us.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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