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Precast UAE concrete foam alternative wall panel

Precast UAE concrete foam alternative wall panel

  • brand: onekin
  • product name: Precast UAE concrete foam alternative wall panel
  • usage: wall system, interior & exterior wall, wall partition
  • MOQ: 1*40HQ
  • feature: fast installation, energy saving,high fireproof
  • key words: UAE foam concrete
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 PrecastUAE concrete foam alternative wall panel


  ForWorld Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.To host the EXPO 2020, Dubai and nearby countries are doing many foundationconstructions. Meanwhile, energy saving is the trend of building constructionin Middle East. Onekin as a expert precast building materials supplier is readyto provide the our concrete foam replacement for Middle East.


Whatis precast UAE foam concrete alternative?

  Youmay heard about foam concrete, and know it is a a new kind of lightweightbuilding material. But this UAE foam concrete alternative? What is it?

  Onekinprecast UAE concrete foam alternative is a innovative building material, usingmagnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, plant fiber and fly ash as raw materials--- as you can see from the materials list, the most different between foamconcrete and our UAE concrete foam alternative is that ours doesn’t have anycement, it is not a cement composition.


Whatbenefits UAE concrete foam can offer?

Energysaving: Thekey point of energy saving is thermal insulation, and the thermal conductivityof Onekin UAE concrete foam alternative is 0.17w/mk, while cement panel is 0.66w/mk. According to a Korean customer test, for the house built by green panel,electricity consumption is about 2kWh per day. While for cement house, it isabout 10 kWh per day, which means we can save up to 80% energy.

Fastinstallation: OnekinUAE concrete foam alternative use T & G and hollow core design, The hollowcore design make precast concrete wall panel substitute become more lighterthan traditional construction materials, it can be easily moved by two worker. AndT & G design enables 3-5 time faster installation than traditional wallmaterials.

Heat& sound insulation: UAEconcrete foam alternative adopts hollow core structure design, the air in thecore is the best medium of sound and thermal insulation. Our concrete foamreplacement for UAE already been used in some project require highly soundproofperformance and it’s shows great efficiency in insulation noise.

High fireproof : Themain raw material of our foam concrete replacement is magnesium oxide, andwhich is a natural non-combustible material --- that makes our wall panels havehigh fireproof, we already passed the TUV SUD test as fireproof grade A1.


The detail data as below table shows:



Up to 4 hours

Water absorption


Thermal conductivity





Can reach up to 51dB

Eco - friendly

No asbestos, no formaldehyde

Fast installation


Cost saving


Energy saving

Up to 80%





 Onekinhas work one green and precast construction building materials for many years,we specialize in green construction industry, innovation, manufacturing anddistribution of green precast panel. Onekin precast UAE concrete foam wallpanel replacement have ASTM, CE, TUV, CNAS certificated.

Project reference of precast UAE concretefoam alternative:

 Onekin supplies precast concrete technology building materials, we work inprecast magnesium oxide wall panels over ten years. Our precast foam concretewall panel replacement is a perfect solution for UAE, because it’s fastinstallation and energy saving performance. Our foam concrete already served inmany project in the world, and has been highly praised. Below is two projectfeedback for your reference, they are respectively wood structure and concrete structure. If you want to get more information about ourproject, click HERE.


Onekin--- UAE foam concrete alternative supplier


 As a supplier of precast building materials, Onekin always provide high qualityprecast UAE concrete foam replacement with best price, meantime we can provide thebest technical support. Our factory covers an area of about 18000 squaremeters, including panel production department, foaming agent productiondepartment, equipment maintain department and other 3000 square meters foroffices and laboratory.


 We have taken in several exhibitions, such as the exhibition in Bangkok,Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Ethiopia and Dubai. With our contributions tothe development of precast materials, we’ve made stable communications andcooperation with our customers from different countries. We are warmly welcomenew partners.


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