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Steel structure

Steel structure

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Customers Feedback

Customers Feedback

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Onekin project

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high rise

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low rise

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Precast concrete panel lightweight thermal efficiency for Dubai

Precast concrete panel lightweight thermal efficiency for Dubai

  • Product name: Hollow core precast concrete panel for Dubai
  • Brand: Onekin
  • Application: interior wall, isolation wall, exterior wall, partition wall
  • Benefits: lightweight, thermal efficiency, easy installation
  • Target market: Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestine
  • Key words: precast concrete panel supplier
  •                  China manufacturer for precast panel
  •                  Concrete panel supplier China
  •                  Lightweight precast concrete panel
  •                  Precast concrete panel with thermal efficiency
Substitute precast panel for hollow block Dubai with lightweight

Background: As the modern building is in favor of concrete jungles, traditional wall materials are not meeting the requirement due to its high density & installation slow. Onekin engineer has found it and has working on precast conception for 18 years, and now he’s providing the brand new product.

Onekin precast concrete panel introduction
Common size: 2800/2900*600
Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200

Appearance: smooth (needs no mortar, can do skin coat directly)
Connection: Tongue & Groove
Middle: hollow core (easy for pipeline, better sound insulation, heat insulation)

Precast concrete panel advantage

Since precast concrete panel is replacing the traditional material such as hollow block, it has its own advantages over other materials. And for Dubai market, the additional value might have significant meanings for green living.

Save Cost: 10%~30%
 1. Precast concrete panel is lightweight, it’s 1/3 weight of brick. Thus save cost on foundation, transportation.
 2. Precast panel is also fast installation, install 40m2/day/worker. Which brick about 7 m2/day/worker
 3. Precast panel needs no mortar, can do skin coat directly. Save on decoration.

Additional Value
Precast panel has also additional value while traditional material has not
 1. Thermal efficiency: help to save energy up to 80%
 2. Fireproof: grade A1, fire rated up to 4 hours
 3. Environment: 100% asbestos free, no formaldehyde

Certification: TUV, ASTM, SGS

Onekin precast panel project reference

As a precast concrete panel supplier, Onekin has done many projects globally. Here provide project reference with Singapore, Oman, China. For more project tracking, please feel free to contact us.

Singapore - concrete structure

China - timber structure

Onekin factory introduction

  As a precast concrete panel supplier & manufacturer, Onekin has a factory covers 25000m2, including production, curing, warehouse. We have real time monitor, to ensure every step is under control. That is how we deliver high quality product.

Onekin company introduction

Onekin is wining the trust from our customers, and we already have four agents in different countries. If you are from Oman, Maldives, French Guiana, Israel, you can only ask for the quality & service from our agents.
But we are not stopping, Onekin is keep going for international fairs to provide our products to more contractors & developers. Our goal is to bring the green life to everyone.

Onekin precast wall panel

Faster, Safer, Healthier

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