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Precast foam concrete wall panels for sale from hebei china

Precast foam concrete wall panels for sale from hebei china

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Supply Ability: 1200~1500pcs/day
  • Type: hollow core
  • Installation efficiency: 40~50m2/day/worker
  • Application: hotel,residential house,government housing project,library
  • Certificate: ASTM, TUV

Precast foam concrete wall panels for sale 

from TianJin china

Application of Chao Liang wall panel- precast wall  materials 

1. Commercial projects: office buildings, shopping malls, KTV, hotels, residentials etc.

2. Industrial projects:factorys, logistics parks....

3. Public or Government projects: libary, prefab houses..

Suitable for precast concrete structue, steel structure and wood structure.



Main raw materials of Chao Liang brand wall panel--precast wall materials 

1. Magnesium oxide (Used widly as fireproof materials such as extinguishers )

2. Magnesium Chloride 

3. Magnesium sulfate

4. fibers 

5. Foaming agent (making the panel light)



Factory information.

1. Cover an area of 260000square meters, including production area, storage area, loading area, office area and living area.

2. 126 workers, including domestic and overseas sales team, producing workers team, installation team, research personel, loading teams and administrative team.

3. Daily output: 3000-4000 square meters.

Large-scale magnesium oxide material wall panel manufacturer in China.



Advantages of Chao Liang Wall Panel-precast wall materials 

1. fire rated: 3 hours

2. lightweight--fast installation, reducing cost in foundation and labor and shortening construction period.

3. Sound insulation;36dB-51dB to meet your specific requirement.

4. Energy-saving: low thermal conductivity

5. Eco-friendly: even in fire, this panel will not release harmful smoke.

6. High strength to meet the partition wall requirements


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