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Precast foam wall panel AAC block replacement

Precast foam wall panel AAC block replacement

  • Raw material:mgo,mgcl2
  • Packing:plastic belt/pallet
  • Loading port:Qingdao
  • Installation sppeed:40㎡/day
  • Payment:T/T L/C
  • Features:
  • lightweight AAC block replacement
  • Precast foam wall panel
  • Mgo foam wall panel
  • Fireproof precast foam wall panel

Precast foam wall panel AAC block replacement

AAC block was so popular during past decade,since it is lighter and bigger area than brick.Now the new precast foam wall panel come to replace AAC block.


Differences between AAC block and precast foam wall panel

1. Precast technology

   Since the large area of Onekin precast foam wall panel,it can reduce the weather dependency and keep the consistent quality of the wall compared with the AAC block.


2. Compressive strength

The AAC block is made by concrete,but onekin precast foam wall panel is made by MgO·MgCl2·10H2O,which is an adhesive material,and that is why it has higher strength.


3. Fire resistant time

   The main material of onekin precast foam wall panel is mgo,which is a natural fire resistant material,and which have longer fire resistant time than AAC block.


4. Density

   The density of precast foam wall panel is lower than concrete,which is just 375 to 500 kg/m³,much lighter than AAC block.

5. Installation speed

   3 workers can make a team and just one day can make 120 with precast foam wall panel,but just 50with AAC block.

6. Connection

   The connection of precast foam wall panel is T&G design,so which is more anti-seismic than AAC block.


7. Surface

   The surface of precast foam wall panel is smooth,and which is easier to decorate compared with AAC block.


Followings are just part of onekin precast foam wall panel certificates,for more information please feel free to contact onekin sales.


Since Onekin precast foam wall panel can be both internal and external wall,so various buildings can use it.

As for stock,precast foam wall panel is also easier storage than AAC block.

As the leading precast foam wall panel manufacturer in China,onekin always keeps our quality and efficiency and profession to win more customers preference.

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