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Precast lightweight hollow core lightweight partition wall panelPrecast lightweight hollow core lightweight partition wall panelPrecast lightweight hollow core lightweight partition wall panel

Precast lightweight hollow core lightweight partition wall panel

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Thickness: 150/200 mm
  • Hollow core: easy for pipe laying
  • Application: concrete structure, steel structure, timber structure
  • Certificate: SGS, TUV, ASTM
  • packing: wooden pallet

What is Onekin exterior wall panel?

  Onekin exterior wall panel is mgo panel, which is made by magnesium oxide. 
  the theory is to put mgo board benefit to high builings, use as non-load bearing wall. 

  Now Onekin has finished lots of projects with Onekin exterior wall panel. 
  the usual thickness is 150 or 200mm. what's worth to mention is that, 
  when use trandition brick 300mm, use Onekin exterior wall panel 200mm is enough. 

  it is because that Onekin exterior wall panel has excellent performance, 
  such as high strength, fireproof, noiseproof ect. 
  make is easy and low cost for replace tranditional brick.

 the specification is:
  length range: 2200~3600mm
  width: 600mm
  standard size: 2800/2900*600(easy for container loading)

 design: tongue & groove, easy for panels connection

Why Onekin exterior wall panel use hollow core design?

  we has adopt hollow core design with two considerations:
 1. make pipe laying easy
  due to the hollow core design, make it much easier for pipe laying. 
  there is no need to dig holes, it saves time and labour cost.
 2. to make the panel lightweight
  Onekin exterior wall panel is lightweight, two workers can lift it without any problem. 
  the hollow core is making a good benefit of it, below list a weight reference.

 thickness (mm)  150  200
 density (kg/m2)  60  75

What performance Onekin exterior wall panel has?
  Onekin exterior wall panel is moistureproof, it is excellent wall material for high humidity countries. 
  Other materials, such as AAC panel, is with high water absorption, not good for raining days.

it also has other performance as:
1. fast installation
  Onekin exterior wall panel is a kind of prefab wall, make the installation easy and fast.
2. save cost
  according to feedback from our customer, use Onekin panel can save cost about 10~30%
 depends on the labout cost and local brick cost
3. fireproof
  Onekin exterior wall panel can meet the highest standard of fireproof requirement.
  matching grade A1 fireproof, fire rating 4 hours.
4. total green
  Onekin exterior wall panel has no toxic chemical elements, such as asbestos, formaldehyde

Onekin factory

Onekin factory has total area abt 25,000 squre meters.
with machines quantity 70. always ready to add machines if requirement is large.

Onekin project reference

  Onekin has done lots of projects, our material has come to Vietnam, Fiji, Oman, Siangapore, South Korea ect.
  here would list one of our project. more information, please contact our sales.

  Location: China
  Project: National automobile R & D research center

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