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Precast lightweight wall panel supplier Sri Lanka

Precast lightweight wall panel supplier Sri Lanka

  • Origin: Qingdao, China
  • Brand:Onekin
  • Certification: ISO9001, SGS, ASTM, TUV
  • Payment Terms: T / T L / C
  • Minimum order quantity: 40HQ
  • Price: FOB / C&F / CIF
  • Packaging: plastic tape/wood tray
  • Delivery time: 20~30 days after payment
  • application:
  • Interior lightweight wall panel supplier
  • Partition lightweight wall panel supplier
  • External lightweight wall panel supplier
Precast lightweight wall panel supplier Sri Lanka
According to World Bank,the GDP per capita of Sri Lanka is 3835.39usd in 2016,and the GDP growth rate is 4.4%,especially these years,Sri Lanka have a strong growth rates.

Onekin is a precast lightweight wall panel supplier,and after our engineers several years’ researching,with the new material and new technology,we create the lighter and stronger precast wall panel .And this lightweight panel can replace the bricks,hollow block,stone to make the house safer and energy saving.  

Since this lightweight wall panel adopt precast technology,so the panel length can be designed according to the building storey height.And because of this,we just need to joint the panel horizontally and do not need joint vertically.
Easy installation
T&G Design
With this design,the precast lightweight wall panel can be connected stably and the only connect way also make the installation without mistake.
Hollow core design
While install the panel,plumbers also need to install the pipe and electricity,and these material can be put into the precast lightweight wall panel hollow core directly.
Completely green
No asbestos
Following is the SGS test that Onekin precast lightweight wall panel did before.
No formaldehyde


Mold Proof

Onekin as a precast lightweight wall panel supplier also have other test report like fireproof,thermal insulation test.For more information please feel free to contact Onekin Sales.
Onekin precast lightweight wall panel can be used internally and externally,and also suitable for different structure,like wooden and concrete and steel structure.

Precast lightweight wall panel now get many customers’ affection,and Onekin would also would send engineers to the projects to give the installation guidance.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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