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Sound Shield Lightweight Wall Panels In HomeSound Shield Lightweight Wall Panels In HomeSound Shield Lightweight Wall Panels In HomeSound Shield Lightweight Wall Panels In Home

Sound Shield Lightweight Wall Panels In Home

  • Length: 2200mm-3600mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Thickness: 75mm / 90mm / 100mm / 120mm / 150mm / 200mm
  • Raw materials: MgO, MgCl2, fly ash, vegetable fiber
  • Fireproof: 164 minutes, no failures (100mm)
  • Light: 45kg / m2 (100mm)
  • Soundproof: 36dB (100mm)
  • Heat resistance: 0.5172m2k / w
  • Certificate: TUV / ASTM / SGS / CE
Onekin green panel is a kind of new non-combustible material made of lightweight material. It imparts a concept of healthy, eco-friendly and energy-efficient living Concept.

Standard length: 2800mm * 600mm / 2900mm * 600mm
Thickness: 90mm / 100mm / 120mm / 150mm / 200mm

Green panels are widely used as partitions in buildings instead of bricks, hollow, blocks, OSB panels, fiber cement panels, gypsum boards and cement panels.

 Interior wall           Partition wall         Exterior wall
Concrete structure       Steel structure         Wood structure
 Low-rise building      Mid-rise building      High-rise building

Main performance
1.Fireproof: - 132 minutes, no damage (90mm)
             - more than 4 hours (150mm)
             - DOES NOT generate toxic smoke

2.Sound insulation: - Hollow core structure
                    - For 100mm: 36dB
                    - For 120mm: 40dB

3.High strength: - Compressive strength: 4.4 Mpa (90mm)
                 - Flexible durability: 0.492 Mpa (90mm)
                 - Door Slamming: Gone
                 - Surface Damage by Small Hard Body Impact: Passed

4. Waterproof: - Durability and anti-mildew
               - Soak in water for 72 hours,
                 No water and no deformation.
               - Do any waterproof decoration on the surface

Technical specifications

first BS476Part22: 1987 Fire protection
164 minutes
2 ASTME413-04 Sonudinsulation 36dB
3 BSEN772-1: 2000 Compressionpower 5.56Mpa
4 CT-21752 / THC Heatthermal conductivity 0.1739w / m * k
5 CT-21752 / THC HeatResistance 0.5712m2* K / W
6 BS5234: Part2: 1992
orSS492: 2001
Stiffness Through
7 BS5234: Part2: 1992
orSS492: 2001
crowdedpressure 3Kn / m
8 BS 5234: Part 2: 1992
or SS492: 2001
anchor-pull out
9 BS 5234: Part 2: 1992
or SS492: 2001
anchor-drag down
ten BS 5234: Part 2: 1992
or SS492: 2001
wash anchorsBasin

Comparison Sheet
Lighter Weight                       Faster Installation                     

Lower Cost 
Saving on
  • Structure
  • Labor
  • Construction period
  • Project management cost
Our factory covers an area of ​​about 18000 square meters, including panel manufacturing department, foaming agent warehouse, equipment maintenance department and other 3000 square meters for office and lab.

The factory has many professional management staff and research and development staff, including three senior engineers, two construction engineers, two chemical engineers. They have been involved in the research and development of the green board for many years. Also, our R&D department can realize your customized design.

Quality control
We are committed to pursuing customer satisfaction by delivering world-class quality products and services through continuous innovation and innovation.
We have a strong system of immediate status control and control to make our production efficient, providing feedback to the product development process.

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