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Soundproof precast concrete interior wall panel insulated partition wall panel for hotelsSoundproof precast concrete interior wall panel insulated partition wall panel for hotelsSoundproof precast concrete interior wall panel insulated partition wall panel for hotelsSoundproof precast concrete interior wall panel insulated partition wall panel for hotels

Soundproof precast concrete interior wall panel insulated partition wall panel for hotels

  • Product name: 100mm lightweight concrete panels for internal partition
  • Brand: Onekin
  • Application: internal partition wall, high rise buildings.
  • Benefits: fireproof 164min, save air conditioner energy 80%
  • Length available: 2.2~3.6 meters
  • Certificate: TUV Singapore, ASTM, ISO 9001
  • Key words: 100mm lightweight concrete panels for internal partition
  •                       100mm lightweight concrete panels save labor cost
  •                        Labor cost saving 100mm lightweight concrete panels                       
  •                        Fireproof 2 hours lightweight concrete panels for internal partition
Soundproof Precast Concrete Interiro Wall Panel Insulated Partition Wall Panel for Hotels

Background: Onekin 100mm lightweight concrete panels are popular among customers, especially for internal partition wall. Because it is lightweight, help for fast installation. Also, it has additional value such as fireproof 164min, thermal insulation, help to save energy up to 80%.

1. fire rating 164mins
Based on TUV certificate, the fire rating is 164 min for 100mm thickness. It is above the standard requirement for internal partition wall. Ever after London fire, it’s becoming more and more popular.

2.lower project cost 30%
With traditional brick or block, one worker can install about 7 square meters per day. While it change to Onekin lightweight concrete panels, they can install 40 square meters per day. Also, it can save on the basement because of the lightweight. Thus, it can lower project cost 30%.

3. lightweight makes precast technology a real
Precast technology has been discussed for a long time, and the idea failed due the heavy weight result by the large size. No the problem has been solved.
Onekin wall panel is well bonded by raw material, as well as the hollow core, makes panel very lightweight.

Density: 375~500kgs/m3

What should we know about lightweight concrete panels?

1.an innovation green building materials
Common size: 2800/2900*600  (customized available)
Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200
With precast technology, it reaches fast installation: 45m2/worker/day

2.Partition wall panel as non-load bearing
Onekin precast panel is used as non-loading bearing wall
Application: interior wall, exterior wall, partition wall

Why choose 100mm lightweight concrete panels to replace ?

1.Install 3 times faster - save time & cost
  With Onekin precast wall panel, one worker can install 40 square meters per day, even a non-professional worker. 

2.Total cost 30% lower
  Fast installation, no need for cheap foam insulation panel, lightweight. These makes Onekin lightweight precast wall panel save total cost 30%.

3.Additional values
  Onekin 100mm precast wall panels for internal use has below additional values:
  Water resistance - water absorption below 13%
  Thermal insulation - save energy 80%
  Total green - 100% asbestos free, no formaldehyde

Whrer is Onekin’s target market?

  Onekin has set our market in Middle East, Asia, mainly for 100mm lightweight concrete panels for internal partition
1.fire wall or need fireproof buildings
  Projects such as tower block, high rise buildings, are recommend to use Onekin precast wall panel to do fire resistance, protect people and value from the big fire.
2 countries where shipping cost is not high
  These countries would mainly be Asia countries, such as Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea and so on.
3. High temperature countries
  These mainly is middle east countries such as UAE, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, where temperature is above 45℃, and air conditioner using is almost all day.
4. Meeting or ahead of dead line projects
  Since Onekin precast panel is fast installation, can help to finish one year project in three month. Thus, projects which are in a hurry are suggested to use our wall panels. Such as UAE for the EXPO 2020 & Qatar for WORLD CUP 2022.

What does Onekin provide as a manufacturer?
  Production ability
    Onekin factory covers a total area about 25,000 m2, with 70 machines. We have the ability to supply mega projects with production ability 1500 pieces. We can always add machines to meet larger requirement.
  Third Party approval
    Since different country has different standard, there’s requirement from third party. As a manufacturer, Onekin supports to do certificates what are necessary for the approval.
    For example, we have done TUV certificate as wall/ceiling materials as well as fireproof wall systems.
  Customize size
    As manufacturer, Onekin is able to produce based on customers’ design, have different size available. Meet all kinds of building requirements.
  Installation guidance
    Onekin has professional installation team to do installation guidance, as well as on site training of the workers.

Get to know Onekin
  Onekin is a manufacturer focus on fireproof wall materials. We have been working on only one product for nearly 14 years, and now we are very professional in the 100mm lightweight concrete panels for internal partition walls, not only for the product itself, but also the installation, project design ect.
  After years of working, Onekin now has become a group company, with branch company in Ethiopia, as well as agents at Singapore, Oman, Maldives, French Guiana ect.
  And we would like to work with you next time.

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