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Substitute precast panel for hollow block Dubai with lightweight

Substitute precast panel for hollow block Dubai with lightweight

  • Product name: precast panel to substitute hollow block Dubai
  • Brand: Onekin
  • Application: non-loading bearing wall, hollow block substitute
  • Benefits: fireproof, easy install, lightweight
  • Target market: Dubai for EXPO 2020 Dubai
  • Key words: Hollow block supplier Dubai
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Substitute precast panel for hollow block Dubai with lightweight

Background: Hollow block is not meeting the needs anymore

  Hollow block, as a traditional construction material, is widely used in Dubai infrastructures. But this situation is changing now, since the disadvantage is getting more and more obvious when it's used in mega projects. It needs a lot of time, materials, workers to finish the installation, also, there's many procedures needed for the handling.

Precast technology - to give new solutions for the tough situation

  To meet the requirement for fast installation, precast wall panels are leading the wall. After finishing the major structure, it is easy and fast to install the non-load bearing wall. Data shows, it can finish a project in three month while traditional hollow block will need for one whole year.

Why choose Onekin? - we are professional in what you need

  The idea to devote in precast panel business is the foresight for precast technology future. After years of study & research, Onekin has been very success in the precast wall panels, not only the product itself, but also the installation & storage for the wall panels.

The significant performance for Onekin Precast Wall Panels

Fast installation : install at least 40 m2/day/worker
  With many mega construction projects to be finished in three years, Onekin easy panel can help to finished project at least three times in advance.
Heat insulation: thermal conductivity 0.1739w/(m2*k)
  The temperature in UAE countries is relatively high, thus results in electricity charge getting higher. If the wall material is heat insulation, it can not only be helpful for the environment by reducing air conditioners, but also reduce cost from energy. It is more obviously when it’s use for mega projects such as large hotels, shopping mall, environment centers and so on.
Fireproof: grade A1, fire rating up to 4 hours
  Onekin precast panel is fireproof grade A1, which is the highest standard for fireproof. Our panel has meet the requirement 4 hours fire rating from Singapore. Also, we have TUV certificate shows grade A1 fireproofing materials.
Environmental Friendly: 100% asbestos free
  Onekin precast panel assure for 100% asbestos free, since we are also a company that is paying attention for the environment protection. Our construction wall panel is termite-resistance, no formaldehyde, totally health for human living.

The professional installation guidance

  Though the installation procedure is easy and quick to learn, the details would be core issues for the installation. Such as the gap filling materials, how to make the wall flatness, the handing for electrical lines & pipes. If interest for more details, please contact our sales.

Onekin project reference

  Onekin has done projects in countries such as Singapore (for fireproof 4 hours), Vietnam (for fast installation & safe), Oman (heat insulation & environment), Fiji, Maldives, Guatemala and so on.
  Here list Singapore project as an example for the shopping mall project, since Dubai is focusing on hotels, apartments & entertainment centers especially for EXPO 2020 Dubai.
Project: shopping mall
Interior wall: 90mm, Onekin precast panel

Onekin Market Network

  After years effort, Onekin now has Ethiopia branch company, as well as four exclusive agents, customers who have requirement in or near those areas can always contact them for consult or help.

Onekin company introduction

  Onekin factory for exporting covers an area over 50,000 m2, including production line, curing room, warehouse, container loading areas and so on.
  We also has a real-time video monitor for control the quality from every steps, for example, raw material mixing, production control, curing monitor.

  Onekin is also paying high attention to customers local conditions, to help customers evaluate their market, and win more business chance by introducing Onekin green panels.
  We have been to below areas, and wish the next we may visit you.

Onekin precast wall panel

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