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Supplier of prefabricated wall panels reduce your construction time and cost

Supplier of prefabricated wall panels reduce your construction time and cost

  • design: T & G and hollow core
  • Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • usage: prefab house, prefabricated interior & exterior wall
  • main performances: lower cost, shorten construction time, lightweight, fireproof
  • MOQ: 1*40HQ
  • key words:supplier of prefabricated wall panels
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Supplier of prefabricated wall panels reduce your construction time and cost

Introduction about prefabricated wall panels supplier and the product:

  Onekin as the supplier of prefabricated wall panel, has focus on magnesium oxide wall system for many years. We are trying to promote this new kind of green building materials, and keep an eye on the progress of construction industry to make our products accord with the development of construction industry. To get more information of international construction materials market and international construction trend, we have attend many international exhibitions, such as the exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand, Kuala lumpur inMalaysia, the Yangon city inBurma, and Addisababa in Ethiopia. 2017, Onekin will attend the Project Qatar 8-11 MAY hold in Doha, welcome to visit our stand.

  Prefabricated construction with its features of fat installation and energy saving performance, low-carbon green, mobile and adaptable has become more and more popular. Onekin prefabricated panels are made of  magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, sawdust, fly ash mix with foaming agent, after stirring, injection molding and shaping, it can get into QC part then delivery from storage. Those strict product control make our prefab wall panels have great quality.

Advantages of china supplier prefabricated wall panels:

  Among many suppliers of prefabricated wall panel, Onekin use high quality inorganic raw materials and execute strict quality control, which make our prefab panels have a lot of advantages:


  Onekin wall panel passed TUV, ASTM, CE test, its fireproof can reach to 4 hours. You can use it at fire separation zone and other place require high fireproof  performance.


  Its water absorption rated is only 22%, will not affected even exposed to a moisture environment. You can use it at wet place like bathroom wall partitions, kitchen wall partitions and moisture place like where air conditioner pipe go through.


  Our wall panels hollow core design is not just to light the weight but also to make it a sound insulation panel. Use two layer of 90mm panel with 50mm rock wool in the middle can reach up to 51dB sound insulation.

Green and eco friendly:

  100% no asbestos and formaldehyde, meanwhile its free of heavy metal and other harmful substances.


  Lightweight performance is the most important reason for its fast installation, with only 1/3 weight of traditional cement it can make prefabricated wall lighter than other traditional panels. As shown in the picture you can see that two worker can easily move it.

Projects reference:

  Using precast wall panels offers many advantages including saving time and cost of your construction. Prefabricated wall system is widely used in commercial, residential, industrial buildings. We are a china manufacturer of prefabricated wall paneling and have provide wall panels to many customers in many countries.


  As a supplier of prefabricated wall panels, Onekin has years' experience can provide you high quality prefab wall panels and the best technical support. Our factory  covers an area of about 18000 square meters, including panel production department, foaming agent production department, equipment maintain department and other 3000 square meters for offices and laboratory. With 74 sets of production moulds, the daily production capacity can be about 1500pcs, roughly 1000,000 square meters annually.





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