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The substitute of sandwich MGO panel Chinese supplierThe substitute of sandwich MGO panel Chinese supplier

The substitute of sandwich MGO panel Chinese supplier

  • Brand:Onekin
  • Product name:The substitute of sandwich eps panel Chinese supplier
  • length:2200-3600mm
  • Thickness:75-200mm
  • Width:600mm
  • Features:Fireproof,Lightweight,Fast installation,Moistureproof
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The substitute of sandwich MGO panel Chinese supplier


Because of the growing number of high rise building around the world,either the contractor or the real estate developer tend to choose lightweight construction materials,like Onekin green panel,which is a innovative wall panel to reduce the foundation depth as to reduce the cost.

Why Onekin panel can replace sandwich eps panel?

Some people would say the sandwich eps panel is also lightweight,however,there are a variety of features that it cannot replace the Onekin panel:
   Onekin Panel  sandwich eps panel
Compressive strength  5.56Mpa  0.1Mpa
Life span
 70years  normally 10-30years
Sound insulation  up to 54dB  10-35dB
Fireproof  over 4hrs  0-30mins
Surface  smooth  smooth or wave line
Design  T&G and hollow core design  T&G design

From the table you may find onekin sandwich eps panel:

1.More solid:
The compressive strength of sandwich panel is so low,which means it cannot be used as external wall and let alone the high rise building.In this way,Onekin panel is more practical in today’s construction world.

2.Long life span
Sandwich panel is just for 20 to 30 years.Due to one homogeneous material, Onekin panel is more stable,and its life span is about 70 years,which need less maintenance and save lots of cost.

   The sound insulation of the Onekin sandwich eps panel substitute China supplier is up to 54dB,which meet the 5-star hotel soundproof standard(day:50dB,night:40dB).

   For 100mm thickness Onekin sandwich eps panel alternative,the fire rating can up to 164mins(the newest TUV certificate).In addition,it can be non-combustible at 800℃ and remains flameless at 1200℃
However,the fire duration of some sandwich panels are short,which cannot ensure people’s safety when fire happen.

5.Easy decoration
   Flatness with white color,Onekin sandwich eps panel alternative are easy to decorate and no need mortar and plaster.Since using the eps panels replacement need less wet work and can reduce up to 90% wastage.It can install both vertically and horizontally.

6.Easy installation
   With hollow core design,sandwich eps panels replacement supplier China is easy to install the pipe and wire,without the drilling work and other following work such as to fill the hole;And the T&G design and light weight can help the worker installing efficiently with 40㎡ per day.

Basic information of Sandwich eps panels supplier china

magnesium oxide,magnesium chloride,fly ash,plant fiber and plant fiber,and none of them is toxic,so it is healthy and green



Onekin now get TUV,ASTM,CE,and would get COC this July,which can help the developers to get the government approval easily.

Project reference of sandwich eps panel  substitute Chinese supplier

As the most popular construction materials in the world,Onekin eps panels substitute supplier China are now used all around the world,like the wooden structure,steel structure and reinforced concrete structure 

(this pic via Vingroup)

Eg: the Vinpearl Empire Condotel in Nha Trang,the most powerful developer in Vietnam,who choose the Onekin panel for :
1.lightweight-reduce the foundation depth and shipping cost;
2.fast installation-ruduce the management and labor cost with quick pay back
3.Thermal insulation-the temperature in Nha Trang is high and with eps panels alternative can totally reduce the usage of the air condition.It help the hotel save a lot and they speak highly of Onekin supplier from China.

Onekin sandwich eps panels replacement China supplier

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