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What's the mgo board

What's the mgo board

  • Density:1.0-1.2kg/m3
  • Fireproof:grade A
  • flexual strength:≥8MPa
  • anti-impact;≥2kJ/m2
  • halogenation resistance:no water and no moisture created
  • water content:less than 8%
  • dry shrinkage rate:rate ≤0.3%
  • expansion in water rate:≤ 0.6%
  • content of chloride:≤ 10%
  • Certificate:ASTM,SGS,ISO9001,2000Qc systems

What's the mgo board?

1.MGO board is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride,and water. After configure and adding additives, stable performance of magnesia gelled material, with alkali glass fiber network in reinforced material, lightweight materials as filler compound and into a new type of incombustible decorates material. 

Adopting special production process, fire protection, waterproof, tasteless, non-toxic, not frozen, not corruption, not crack, unchanged, non-combustible, high strength light weight, convenient construction, long service life, etc

1) MGO board is a newly developed and extensively tested modern building board used in construction;

2) MGO Board, known as magnesium oxide board and fireproof board, uses proprietary process with MgO,MgCl2,Perlite,Fiberglass,Chip compounds to deliver a multi-purpose,versatile,

non-combustible, and unique board material.

3) It contains no formaldehyde, no asbestos and no toxic chemicals;

2.Key Advantages

Mgo board is:

• Fire resistant (Class A1) building material

• Lighter, more flexible and stable than traditional sheeting systems

• Time and material saving - dramatically reducing construction costs

• Environmentally friendly, applying a sustainable production process with reduced CO2 footprint

• Ideal for time, safety and health sensitive construction applications

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