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Why Onekin lightweight green wall panel is your best chooseWhy Onekin lightweight green wall panel is your best chooseWhy Onekin lightweight green wall panel is your best chooseWhy Onekin lightweight green wall panel is your best choose

Why Onekin lightweight green wall panel is your best choose

  • Flexural strength: ≥8Mpa
  • • Compressive strength: 0.35~0.8Mpa
  • • Thermal conductivity: ≤0.035~0.076w/m*k
  • • Water Absorption: ≤10%
  • • Fire rating time: 0.6-2h

Brief Introduction                                                                                                    

1.Raw materials: Magnesium oxide, Magnesium Chloride, fly ash, plant fiber

2.Specification:2800x600mm Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200mm

3.Density: 350kg/m3~500kg/m3.


   1.Environment friendly

   2.Fire proof & Insulation

   3.Waterproof & Moisture proof

   4.Heat insulation & Thermal insulation & Sound insulation

   5.Light weight & High strength

   6.Easy working & Long use life


   8.High effect and short construction period


Internal wall, external wall, partition wall.




Why choose us?                                                                    





1.                 Rich  experience

2.                We have our quality control team ,we will test our raw material every time after arrival and choose  sample freely to inspect goods before delivery and loading goods into container

3.                We can provide customer with short lead time 

4.                We have our own factory and professional sales team with fluently oral english and writing 

5.                We can provide customer with customized products 




What can we do for you?                                                          

1.               Competitive advantage products 

2.               Refund money in case of any bad quality problem or late delivery

3.               Confidential contract "business secret contract"

4.               Quality assurance contract

5.               Payment by paypal 

6.               Free sample offered and small order accepted

7.               After sale service 24h×7   



What is Onekin lightweight wall panel?                                            

         Onekin lightweight wall panel is a kind of light weight energy saving wall material with smooth surface panel, hollow core design, easy to install pie and line. 

          It has features of light weight, high intensity, thin,waterproof and fire proof, heat preservation, sound insulation, quakeproof, low cost and space-saving. Onekin lightweight wall panel applied to interior wall partition, exterior wall. It’s a kind of unbearing wall. Its birth marks the wall material will appear renewal trend,instead of traditional block, the new architectural thoughts and its  outstanding performance can meet the requirements of modern architectural environment.






2. Villa&Exterior Wall System
It can automatically adjust indoor air and water content with the season and climate changes, which can keep the temperature at an invariable temperature level ,and such ecology effect just goes with the tide of modern residential building. It is widely applied to various modular house ,low buildings, apartment, villas,and city house
3. Interior Partition System
With excellent fireproof, best hanging force, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, 

easy Installation and the like characteristics, light weight board have been widely applying to the special positions like partition panel of high-rise and mega-high-rise buildings.



What is feature of Onekin lightweight wall panel?                                                 

1.               Heat Preservation:Major material is antifreezing,heat preserving and environmental friendly.

2.               Heat Insulation:Adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range. 

3.               FireProof:using natural fireproof materials, it’s non-combustible at 800 degree and remains flameless at 1200 degree, it can be against a high temperature for 4 hours. 

4.               WaterProof: Experiment has proved that wet area also can using our lightweight wall panel without absorbing any water and no leakage at all after one year.  

5.               Sound Insulation: The inside of wall panel hollow core design has fine sound insulation and sound absorbing function.  

6.               Easy to Install: Using our installation material (U clips and conjunction mateirals) is easy to build house.

7.                             Labor Cost Saving:As wall panel is easy and fast to construct,the labors can be cut down in the same work & time.

8.               High Intension:Onekin lightweight wall panel can be nailed directly or hang heavies,it can be decorated by ceramic tile,wall paper and any decorations you like. 

9.               Earthquake Resistance:The quakeproof performance of Onekin-lightweight wall panel is more than 8.5.  

10.            Space and cost Saving:75 to 200mm, which is more thinner than the traditional block,so it can save a lot of construction space,meanwhile,the constructure cost can also be saved instead of using the thick traditional blocks. 


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