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a nice polystyrene building blocks replacement for Dubai sale

a nice polystyrene building blocks replacement for Dubai sale

  • Brand name: Onekin
  • Type:green wall panel
  • Specification;2800*600*75~200mm
  • Usages:non-load wall partitions for structural system
  • Advantages:fireproof,pro-environment,lightweight,fast installation,durable
  • Certificate:ASTM,TUV
  • MOQ:1*40HQ container
  • Lead time: 20 days or depend on your order quantities
  • Key words:polystyrene building blocks replacement supplier
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a nice polystyrene building blocks replacement for Dubai sale

Onekin precast panel,a nice polystyrene building blocks replacement for Dubai sale.Your faster,safer,healthier house building solution.

We are the manufacture of wall panel building material and “focus on  green innovation”.To meet the demand of green building for development of times,Onekin researches a totally green wall panel independently and now it is widely used in many countries and got much positive feedback from customers.

Some major countries we shipped our panel are Singapore,Oman,VietNam,Isreal ect.,monthly export volume more than 70 containers.Why so many clients choose Onekin and Onekin precast panel not only about the quality products but also the professional teams and services.We are a strong team and cooperate together.We are willing to try and realize what you real need and to be your solution of a various building construction.

Now we are tend to expand our business in Middle East market in the year 2017,a new start but a better tomorrow.

Product Introduction


Onekin precast panel as polystyrene building blocks replacement,we designed different thickness panel to meet different construction required for sale.
         (Onekin precast panel length range: 2200~3600mm, customized size is available)

  • Please advise us your project area the most humidity per year and special requirement before you want a quote,as we have two type panel,one is normal panel and another one is suitable for very wet area.
  • According to our customer feedback after using our panel,mostly suggest to use 90mm thickness as interior wall,150/200mm as exterior.You can choose the right one which is fit for your building.
  • Standard size is better for container loading.

Differ from polystyrene building blocks,Onekin precast panel supports steel/wood/concrete structure system,pictures as below:


The major material of Onekin precast panel is high purified Magnesium Oxide(purity ≥ 85%),which is an inorganic and natural occur mineral material.Cementing material is Magnesium Chloride(purity ≥ 95%) to solidify other materials: fly ash,fiber plant,additives.


a. Green and Eco-friendly: First of all,all materials used in the panel are green,100% free of asbestos,formaldehyde and other harmful substances;Secondly,naturally curing when production.Finally,the panel is recyclable.

b. Fireproof: According to the third party TUV Singapore test results,the panel reaction to fire time is 132 minutes (more than) for 100mm thickness.Now 150mm thickness panel fire rating time up to 4 hours.

c. Lightweight: comparing with traditional brick wall,the weight of Onekin precast panel is much lighter(about 1/3 weight).

d. Fast installation: lightweight and Tongue&Groove design enable 3~5 times faster installation,a skilful workers can install 40~50m2 per day.A year house project when use our panel,the construction time shorten to 3 months.

e. Heat and sound insulation: polystyrene building blocks has well heat insulation performance,but Onekin precast panel also is a nice heat insulation material,its thermal conductivity is about 0.16~0.17W/(m·K).


1.Fast installation will shorten your construction time.
2.Saving your total cost in shipment,labor of loading,structure,deep foundation
3.Saving your energy on pipes and wires install as there are hollows in the middle of panel,it's a good way for pipes and wires through.
4.No motar needed,you can do skin coating directly.


CE,TUV,ASTM certificates are available,if any special requirements according to local policy please advise us.

Project Feedback

A major question would be asked if a client have a try to Onekin precast panel that is “is the panel can be used in high buildings,like over 30 layers or more”,of course it will,beacuse of Onekin precast panel actually is as filling wall material to the structure system,not like polystyrene building blocks.If the structure is no problem the panel would be no problems.The problem is the movement issue in high buildings,our panel would not break but the joints may be break,so we will adjust mending material formula to enhance the joints connection,but we need more data to our engineer to check if it is ok,

Below is one of our high building project picture for your reference:

Packing and Shipment

Packing: Wood pallet packing, steel belt packing, plastic packing

Shipment: 20 days from payment received.

Welcome to Onekin

Onekin factory covers an area of 18000 square meters with 74 sets of production moulds,daily capacity roughly 13500 square meters per mould.We are ready for everything,what's your idea?

Your reliable partner - a faster,safer,healthier solution for your housing.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


Contact Person:nicole

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