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cheap interior wall paneling with waterproof and fireproof performance

cheap interior wall paneling with waterproof and fireproof performance

  • fireproof: can reach to 4 hours
  • waterproof: not affected by moisture
  • raw materials: magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide,fly ash, plant fiber
  • usage: interior wall paneling, interior wall partition
  • environmental friendly:100% asbestos free,no-formaldehyde and toxic
  • Standard Size:2800*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm
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cheap interior wall paneling with waterproof and fireproof performance

Why choose cheap interior wall paneling?

  When building an addition room is impracticable, you may want to create a extra room by using interior paneling to divide a large room into two rooms. If wall paneling be too thick, it will reduce your usable space, but if it is too thin, the sound insulation and heat insulation performance may below expectation. Is there has some kind of interior wall paneling both thinner and soundproof? Onekin best price interior wall paneling is your choice, and  come the reasons:

Increase usable space:

  The most important part during interior construction must be how to increase  usable place for people live in it.  According to our test data, 90mm Onekin wall panel is equality strength like 100mm brick with just 1/3 weight of traditional brick. In that case, you could choose thinner, lighter even cheaper interior wall paneling to replace the traditional materials.

Sound insulation:

 Our best price interior wall panels have excellent sound reduction properties. It has hollow core design can use the air inside the core as medium of sound and thermal insulation, use interior paneling structrue with rock wool in the middle the sound insulation can reach up to 51dB.

Thermal insulation and energy saving:

  Meanwhile, it has perfect thermal insulation and energy saving performance. The thermal conductivity for cheap interior paneling is only 0.17w/mk, while for cement panels it is 0.66w/mk. According to our customer test, the electricity consumption of house built by wall paneling is about 2kWh which just 20% of it for cement panel house, which means you can save up to 80% energy using wall panels.

Waterproof and fireproof:

  Our low cost interior wall paneling has TUV Singapore certificated, can reach up to 4hours fireproof. Use it for internal wall partition can be heat and fire resistant. Meanwhile, it allows for long-term exposure to a moist environment. With only 22% water absorption, it will not out of sharp or affected by moisture.

▽interior panel after fire test

▽interior panel doing soaking test

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What is cheap interior wall paneling?

    After all I have mentioned above, you may have many questions: What exactly interior wall paneling is? What make it both fireproof and waterproof? Let us know about it:

  Cheap interior panel is a kind of magnesium oxide products made for interior wall partition application, it's  raw materials are magnesium oxide and chloride oxide, fly ash, plant fiber. Those raw materials all are inorganic materials and have natural non-flammable performance, and that is why our interior panel can be fireproof and waterproof at the same time.

Project reference:

 To help you get more information of our low cost interior wall panels, the following is the project reference of fireproof and waterproof cheap interior wall paneling. Onekin have many years experience of construction building materials manufacture and we can also provide technical support to our customers.

Onekin, a professional wall panels supplier

 Onekin has been doing green building materials in many years, and in those years we have cooperated with company all over the world, and to find more opportunity we also joined many international exhibitions. In 2017, we will attend the 14th Qatar project in Doha, welcome to our stand. If you want to know more about our exhibition, welcome to contact our sales.






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