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concrete structure insulated panel for interior wall 75mm

concrete structure insulated panel for interior wall 75mm

  • raw material: magnesium oxide
  • reinforce: plan fiber
  • advantage: fireproof, lightweight, fast installation, eco-friendly
  • application: shopping mall, residential building, apartment building, office partition
  • key words: China structure insulated panels supplier
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 concrete structure insulated panel for interior wall 75mm

1. concrete structure insulated panel introduction
    Onekin concrete structure insulated panel is a new kind of wall material, it is used as alternative for traditional brick and hollow block or concrete block.

 standard size  2800/2900*600
 thickness  75mm
 thermal conductivity  0.1739 w/m*k
 hollow core  for electrical line
 MOQ  1*40HQ

  as above chart, Onekin concrete structure insulated panel standard size 2800/2900*600, it is easy and cost saving in terms of containers loading. but customized is also available, since we can make length from 2200mm to 6000mm.

2. Application for 75mm thickness
   Onekin concrete structure insulated panel can be used for any construction projects with concrete structures. here would like to introduction 75mm thickness application specially.

 a. shopping mall partitions
   there's requirement of fireproof for shopping malls, and adding the insulation material will make the wall thicker. it is not cost saving for project owners. Now Onekin is offering an excellent solution, we can provide 75mm thickness wall with one hour fireproof performance. it can fix the issue for fireproof and enlarge the using space.
b. apartment building materials
   similar like shopping mall, apartment partition also value the useing space for the project owners. the question is, they want the wall less thick, will strength high enough to hold the airconditioners. well, Onekin is solving this problem too. by 75mm thickness concrete structure insulated panels, make the living environment larger & more comfortable.

for other applications such as office partition & residential house ect, please contact our sales.

3. Onekin choose Onekin concrete structure insulated panels?
    Customers are choosing Onekin concrete structure insulated panels, because it has below advantages, and in return, save cost and add profit for customers.
   ● enlarge using space
     usually, for traditional brick 150mm, use Onekin panel 100mm is meeting the requirement.
     Onekin structure insulated panel is fireproof grade A1, fire rating time over 4 hours. 
   ● energy saving
    with thermal conductivity 0.1739 w/m*k, Onekin panel saves energy up to 80%

4. Onekin Service
    Onekin provides a full range of service, including installation training & guidance, storage guidance, construction design suggestions ect.
    for example, Onekin has convinced Vietnam customers to make 150mm thickness to replace traditional 200mm bricks. it has enlarge the selling space, also has save cost on structure, project time, manpower ect.

5. Onekin certificate
   Onekin has got ASTM, TUV certificate for structure insulated panels, can meet different requirement for civil defense, third parties' requirements.

6. Onekin Network

  Onekin has came to many countries such as Fiji, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Ethopia ect, now we have agents at:
  ◆ French Guiana agent
  ◆ Iareal agent
  ◆Oman agent
  ◆Maldives agent
  ◆Ethopia branch

  and we are looking forward to have a win-win cooperation with your company too.

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