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construct material Onekin green panel wall SIP panel substitution

construct material Onekin green panel wall SIP panel substitution

  • Compressive strength    4.4  Mpa
  • Flexural Strength 0.492 MPa
  • Fireproof 180mintues
  • Sound insulation (structure) 51dB
  • fireproof 132min
  • Sound insulation 36dB
  • Compressive strength 5.56 Mpa
  • Thermal conductivity 0.1739 w/m°k
  • Thermal resistance 0.5712 m2°K/W
  • Stiffness Passed
  • Surface damage by small hard body impact Tested
  • Surface damage by large soft body impact Passed
  • Perforation by small hard body impact Passed
  • Resistance to structural damage by large soft bodyPassed
  • Door slamming   Passed
  • Crowd pressure   3 Kn/m
  • Light weight anchorage-pull out 100N
  • Light weight anchorage-pull down 250N
  • Heavy weight anchorage-wash basin 1500N
  • Heavy weight anchorage-wash cupboard 4000N
  • Water Absorbtion 23%

Products introduction:

Onekin green panel experienced about 6 years research and test for production, and start marketing from the year 2010, from the projects in China and then Asia. And during this time, made some adjust for different market.

Onekin green wall panel is a kind of product that can replaced traditional sandwich panel including EPS sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, XPS sandwich panels, and other SIP panel, because its good thermal insulation performance. Whats more,  Onekin green panel can avoid the weak points of the traditional sandwich panel. Traditional sandwich panel form a panel by two time production, first should produce the surface board, and then use glue to attach the surface board with the sandwich core. If the glue or the technology not good, it is easy to break the surface board with the sandwich core, even after project for years, it will break in the project finished.  And also, the glue always makes bad environment report. Use good surface board, environmental glue, good processing machine, but it will cause high cost. Another weak point is, the sandwich core is not good fireproof.

We do like the sandwich panel, but we also have a lot of reasons  to hate it. But when you choose Onekin green panel, no need to worry more.

Onekin green panel made of foamed magnesium concrete and enforced materials, magnesium is good fireproof materials, for normal wall, we can make it beyond 2 hours fire rated, which is also international requirement, and for special usage, such as fire safety house, we can make it four hours fireproof. Now we have TUV fire test and also our clients did the tests as us.

All the raw materials are proofed to be no harm to human body for house construction, and the finished panel with good fireproof performance, good insulation performance, so we named it green panel. We test the toxic performance and insulation performance, and they are good result, please refer to the test data sheet in this page.

For the construction, we also take it as our consideration. It is fast construction and easy construction wall. Light weight can make two workers to construction 50sqm per day. No need loading machines as it is light weight for carrying. No need complex technology as the construction ways is easy to be managed.

Do you think Onekin fireproof and good insulation green panel must be expensive for housing? No, if compare the whole cost for a house, it should save more. Light weight can save your structure, your steel and cement concrete. Light weight can also fast your construction, save your capital flow. To compared brick wall, it can be directly ceramic or putty, no need to motar the wall before that. Onekin green panel, during construction, can be easily cut like wood, and joint by the cement concrete on site, so there are very few waste during the construction.



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