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lightweight and fireproof function materials external precast hollow core sandwich panel

lightweight and fireproof function materials external precast hollow core sandwich panel

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Life span:70years
  • Surface:smooth
  • MOQ:40HQ
  • Application:internal wall.partition,external wall
  • lightweight: 41kg/m2 (100mm)
  • Fast installation: 40m2/man/day
  • Fireproof:up to 4h
  • Sound insulation: 51dB
  • Water absorption: 22%

lightweight and fireproof function materials 

precast hollow core sandwich panel


Onekin steel structure building is a kind of environmental-friendly board which is widely used in wall construction. It is a new type non-flammable material made of lightweight materials. It’s made from magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash, plant fiber and mixed together with non-toxic chemical for strength.


Products information

Raw material: magnesium oxide.

Standard size: 2800*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm.

Usage: partition wall, external and internal wall.




Why it is lightweight?


Onekin MGO panel is an environment-friendly wall panel which is widely used in wall construction. It is a new type of non-flammale materials made of lightweight materials, including magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash, plant fiber etc. Different with traditional concrete wall panel, it is lightweigt and fast installation.



Onekin  magnesium partition panel energy.saving wall materials.can increase the usable floor area.Method of anchorage steel structure, high strength of the wall, can increase the height, the overall seismic performance is higher than ordinary masonry wall many times.the board structure is closely,not deformation, metope is not easy to loose, good vibration resistance.





Can it be used as floor?   

Onekin lightweight wall panel can be used as partition , external and internal wall. Suitable for concrete, wooden and steel structure; high middle and low building. This green panel is non-bearing. Usually, we do not use it as floor, but if the house is only one floor, we can be used as floor.  


Common building/project type is: residential buildings, shopping mall, office buildings, complex hotel, KTV, museum ect. Due to Onekin panel excellent fireproof performance, it can be also used as passive fire protection wall, such as fire wall, kitchen wall.



Can it be used for high rise building


Onekin hollow lightweight panel is mainly for interior and exterior nonbearing wall partition.

1. General industrial buildings, eg., high building, KTV

2. Residential buildings

3. Single house

4. Public construction, eg, Hotels, hospitals, schools

5. The fence of the factory

6. Kitchen, bathroom, and the toilet of indoor wall.

7. Also can paste on tiles and cement mortar.





Our service can be list as below:

1 building design suggestions

Normally, with our experience, Onekin can give reasonable suggestion for the building designes, can save cost largely.

2. installation guidance & training

Onekin is very professional not only in our own products, but also the building structure and installation. We provide installation guidance, even give at site trainings if needed.

3. timely & proper feedback

When there's anything customers may need to know, Onekin is always here ready to help. Onekin feels so proud to help people.



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