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Onekin project

Onekin project

Onekin has service for series projects.Onekin green wall panel is fire proof wall panel, lightweight wall panel and water proof wall panel, it can be ...

Customers Feedback

Customers Feedback

Onekin green precast wall system with high quality, reasonable price has win our customers’ trust and gets the thumbs-up. In this part, we will share...

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Steel structure

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low rise

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high rise

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country villa use easy installation 100mm sandwich panel

country villa use easy installation 100mm sandwich panel

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Life span:70years
  • Surface:smooth
  • MOQ:40HQ
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.17w/mk
  • Application:internal wall.partition,external wall
  • lightweight: 41kg/m2 (100mm)
  • Fast installation: 40m2/man/day
  • Fireproof:up to 4h
  • Sound insulation: 51dB
  • Water absorption: 22%

country villa use easy installation 100mm sandwich panel


Are you looking for high quality sandwich panel to build house? Here we are suggest you Onekin  lightweight and heat insulation green Mgo wall panel. Below is a country villa, one of our project. Come with me to get to know it!  :)


country villa


What is Mgo panel? Does it eco-friendly?

Onekin green lightweight panel is a kind of environmental-friendly panel which has no asbestos, no radioactivity and does not contain formaldehyde.


The main material of our lightweight wall panel is manesium oxide so called mgo panel, and the other materials are magnesium chloride, fiber glass, fly ash. It is also a new type non-flammable material.




For this project the panel was used for what?

Well, about this project our panel was used for external and internal wall. This project was located in cold area. Our panel is kind of heat insulation materials. It can make the room warm in winter and cool in summer.



External wall installation



Can it be use in cold area?

Hi, friends in fact this project also located in cold area. Our panel is kind of heat insulation materials. It can make the room warm in winter and cool in summer.


Ah, you live in a very very cold area?! still do not need to worry, we can install the insulation layer, to help keep the room warm. :)





How to installation doors and windows?

Most of our clients have this kind of question, since our panel is recast and a whole panel does not like blocks and bricks. But no worries, our panel is also easy to installation door and window.


Just cut down the panel according to the sahape of the door of windows than install the panel.




More info you want to know?

Ok, our contact info is below, do not hesitate to contact us!  :)



Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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