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fire retard wall panel precast with TUV certificate for exterior wall

fire retard wall panel precast with TUV certificate for exterior wall

  • fire retard: 4 hours
  • thickness: 150/200 (recommend for exterior wall)
  • thermal insulation: 0.1739 w/m*k
  • design: hollow core
  • loading port: Tianjin Port(China)
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fire retard wall panel precast with TUV certificate

1. Precast Wall Panel Introduction
    Precast wall panel is a new type wall materials, it is designed to meet the requirement for making wall installation faster, easier, quicker, in the mean time, to make whole project cost lower.
    the standard size is 2800/2900*600mm
    thickness: 150/200(recommend for exterior wall)/75/90/100/120mm
    Precast panel is achieving these requirements by below points:
a. faster & easier
    to make wall installation faster, precast wall is using tongue and groove design, for making the connection easy. also, it is easy cut, workers can cut the panel based on the their own idea. for example, when they install doors & windows under precast wall, they can cut the panel according to the door & panel size.
b. save cost
    precast wall panel can install 40~50 square meters per day per worker, it can save cost on workers/manpower. Also, with fast installation speed, it can save cost on project management.

2. Why it is fire retard?

  Onekin precast wall panel can meet the high standard of fire retard requirement, because the raw material itself is fireproof/fire protection material. Onekin precast panel is also called mgo panel, it use mgo (magnesium oxide) as raw material, which makes it non combustible at 800℃, no flames at 1200℃.
  also, with the low thermal conductivity, Onekin prefab/precast panel is also thermal insulated. with thermal conductivity 0.1739 w/m*k, can save air conditioner engy, also it can protect people from cold weather.

3. What is the difference with similar fire retard wall material?
   There's lots of precast fire retard wall materials in the market, why customers keep choosing Onekin?
   here give an example for Onekin prefab wall panel & Sandwich panel
  a. raw material
    Onekin prefab wall panel is using magnesium oxide, which is nature fire protection material, while sandwich panel is using perlite and cement and insulation materials. the differenct is mgo as main material, have stronger fireproof performance than sandwich panel.
  b. production method different
   Onekin prefab wall panel is made by chemical reaction, the raw material is strongly bonded with each other. Sandwich panel is made by two pieces of fireproof board, with insulation material in the middle, production is made by hot pressure. this will result a danger for material come off when it is used in high temperature area.
  c. performance is different
  Onekin prefab wall panel is lightweight, and fireproof, as well as waterproof. while sandwich panel is limited for the fire rating performance.

Sandwich panel

precast mgo panel

4. Application for passive fire protection wall
   Due to excellent performance for fire retard, Onekin precast wall panel is used as passive fire protection wall. for example, Singapore shopping mall and office building is using it as partition panel & passive fire protection walls.

5. Onekin factory introduction
  Onekin factory covers area around 25000 square meters, has 70 workers, 70 machines, production ability 50000 square meters per year.
  we also can add machines to meet higher requirement.

6. Onekin Group Introduction

Onekin holds the value Economical Solutions for Eco-living as our company believe, what we do is to improve the living environment for our customers and poor people. With the support from partners, Onekin has expanded over the last passing years, and now we have become a group as below:
    Onekin hear office
       Locates in Chengdu, handle the major business issue.

    Ethopia branch
       Located in Ethopia, mainly in charge of the Ethopia goverment projects.

  ● Onekin agents
     Till now, Onekin has agents in Isreal, Maldives, Oman, French Guiana, and we would appreciate the potential partnership with you.

Onekin Chengdu Head Office

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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