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fireproof mgo panel for wall construction save project cost

fireproof mgo panel for wall construction save project cost

  • main material: magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride
  • fireproof: fire rated 4 hours
  • wall construction: high building, villa house, factory
  • save project cost: about 10~30%
  • MOQ: 1*40HQ
  • key words: China mgo panel supplier
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fireproof mgo panel for wall construction save project cost

 Fireproof mgo panel introduction

    The theory of mgo panel is based on chemical reactions from magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, meanwhile add fiberglass mesh as reinforce materials. The important point for mgo panel is the raw material. Onekin use high activity magnesium oxide as raw materials, activity rate above 65%. Meanwhile, use high purity magnesium chloride as reaction material, make sure high quality raw materials make high quality mgo panels.

high activity magnesium oxide;       high purity magnesium chloride


  After enough chemical reactions, another important issue is curing. Onekin is taking enough curing time for every orders, even customers showed the order in quite urgent. Because to Onekin, quality is above everything. Due to Onekin's high standard quality requirement, we have successfully become one of the best mgo wall panel supplier in China. Customers would see the quality based on the panels appearance.

Excellent fireproof performance for wall constructions

  One of our customer has test fireproof performance with 150mm thickness, it turns out the fire rating time more than 4 hours. What makes Onekin mgo panel this wonderful fire rating performance? 
1. high quality raw material
   as mentioned, Onekin would make sure every batch of raw material with high standard quality. we require that magnesium oxide activity above 65%, magnesium chloride purity 99%.
2. advance formula
  since mgo panel is made by chemical reaction, the formula would be an core issue for the fireproof performance. Onekin has chemical engineer, with mgo reaction experience more than 20 years, who has make advance formula ranking one of the best in our industry.

Mgo panel for wall constructions

  Onekin mgo panel is using for wall construction, with interior wall panel, exterior wall panel, partition wall panel. As one of the advance wall materials, Onekin mgo panel can be used for high buildings, villa house and factory house. In a word, Onekin wall panel can be used wherever traditional brick is used.

Also, Onekin wall panel is being used due to it's saving of cost. Based on Onekin project exerience, it can save cost about 10%~30%. it can save cost on:
• transportation: Onekin mgo panel is lightweight, about 1/3 light than traditional brick, can save cost on transportation
 manpower: Onekin mgo panel is fast installation, can install at least 40 square meters in one day. save manpower cost.
• project management: with fast install, it can shorten construction time, save project management cost.

for more detail information, please contact our sales.

Onekin mgo panel for wall construction project reference.

Onekin mgo panel also has wonderful performance on noiseproof, high strength, easy cut. below list a five star hotel installation process, for more detail information, please contact our sales.

wall installation

  electrical line & piple line

  surface decoration

 finished five star hotel

Onekin mgo panels under transportation

Onekin mgo panels for wall construction is with high strength, it will not damaged durting transportation or installation. Based on our customer feedback, the panel is still under good conditions after long tranportation and stocks.

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