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fireproof panel alternative to sandwiched eps panels supplier China

fireproof panel alternative to sandwiched eps panels supplier China

  • Brand Name: Onekin
  • Steel frame: it support steel,wood,concrete structure system
  • Specification: 2800*600*75~200mm(better for container loading)
  • Color: white
  • Materials: Mgo,MgCl2,fiber plant,fly ash,additives
  • Life span: at least 60 years
  • Certificate: ASTM,TUV
  • MOQ:1*40’HQ container
  • Key words: fireproof panel alternative to sandwiched eps panels supplier
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fireproof panel alternative to sandwiched eps panels supplier China


With the development of wall materials,nowadays,more and more people pay attention to the safe,health wall materials.They warm to see these kind of wall materials when used in their living houses which do not only achieve fast installation to satisfy the quick demand on house construction but also excellent performances of wall itself to good for their health such as fireproof,lightweight,thermal and sound insulation,safe and green.

Onekin is aimed to produce green and safe wall materials,and we also keep innovation on its lightweight and other functions.We focus on creating a green living environment to all the people in the world and hope a continuous development of the Earth we loved,thus we keep going.

Onekin fireproof panel,alternative to sandwiched eps panels,your faster,lighter,easier,healthier and cost effective solutions.



Onekin fireproof panel,why it is can be an alternative wall panel to sandwiched eps panels is that we deliver a full range of thickness panel from 75mm to 200mm to satisfy a various applications requirement.

Normally,75mm to 120mm thickness can be the interior wall partitions,and 150mm/200mm as exterior.You can tell us the usages of the panels would be so we will ask our engineer to check and recommend you the most suitable panel to save cost and energy.
(an alternative to sandwiched eps panels length range: 2200~3600mm, customized size is available)

A.Differ to sandwiched eps panels,Onekin fireproof panels have two types(moistureproof panel and normal panel),which suitable for different conditions.If you have plan to use our panel to your house project,please tell us the most humidity there.
B.Standard size is recommended,better for container loading.

Structure frame:

This sandwiched eps panels substitute Onekin fireproof panel supports steel/wood/concrete structure system.

Raw materials:

As we all know that for sandwiched eps panels have two types,one is metal + eps core + metal,another one is nonmetal + eps core + nonmetal.But Onekin fireproof panels are nonmetal materials,we applied Magnesium Oxide material as major material,and cementing material Magnesium Chloride,these two materials will react and bond by strong chemical reaction.Other filling materials all are green materials: fiber plant,fly ash,additives.



1.Short lead time: production + curing time = 15~20 days
2.Short construction time: One year project(traditional wall material) finished in 3 months(Onekin fireproof panel)
3.Lower your total cost on:shipment,labor,overall management,deep foundation etc.
4.Structure system has: anti-seismic,wind resistant,moisture proof etc.

Onekin fireproof panel is widely used as interior and exterior wall partitions or fire wall in residential house,commercial building,high building,school,factory,warehouse,shopping mall,work shop etc.It makes your imagine comes true.


As we know from the wall material industry,certificate wall materials is necessary to show the high quality,Onekin already got the TUV,ASTM certificates which tested by the third party.If any special certificate requirement according to your local requirement,please advise us.


Until now,Onekin has successfully sale our product to a wide countries such as Maldives,Brazil,Singapore,Ethiopia,Oman and so on.Along with rich experience in house projects Onekin has the ability to help you on house design or technical suggestions if you need us.

Below is one of our project we ever done for your reference: 


Packing: wood pallet / steel belt / plastic belt packing(your special packing is welcome)
Shipment: 20 days payment received or depend on your final order quantities.


Onekin is the partner you can reliable on,which consists of professional teams including technology research center,strict quality control team,engineer team,sales team.Onekin current factory covers an area of 18000 square meters with 74 sets of production moulds,and monthly product export volume is more than 70 containers.

Onekin master value is to provide a total green wall panel alternative to sandwiched eps panels,to be your faster,lighter,easier,healthier and cost effective solutions.

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