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interior fireproof wall partition system environmental protection wall panel

interior fireproof wall partition system environmental protection wall panel

  • Brand name: Onekin
  • Certificates: TUV,ASTM
  • Application: wall partitions in house construction
  • Advantages: fireproof,thermal insulation,light weight
  • Color: White
  • Key words: environmental protection wall panel supplier
  •            interior environmental protection wall panel
  •            China environmental protection wall partition system
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interior fireproof wall partition system environmental protection wall panel

What's the applications of this environmental protection wall panel?

Are you looking for building materials to build a house or any house project construction,this environmental protection would be much suitable for you.As we know that environment protection become a global topic,more and more people expect to find a green building material.This panel is green,which is widely used as interior or exterior wall partitions for fast house construction in many areas,such as high fireproof requirement area,wet conditions,indoor room heat insulation etc.

What is environmental protection wall panel?

The purpose of we to produce a environmental protection panel is that we are much cared about the environment and living conditions,we would like to build a green house for the people around the world.So "Green" we do start from the material,totally green material MgO,MgCl2,fiber plant,flyash etc,then natually curing when production,finnally is that the panel is recyclable.
Sizes you for your considering : 2200-3600mm x 600mm x 75/90/100/120/150/200mm,Tongue & Groove,hollow core designs.

With a focus on environmental protection we are getting many positive expectation from our customers,and we hope this wall panel would support your green building project now.

Performances for reference

Major performances are list as follows,for more performances you can contact our sales.
1.Green and environment protection (100% free of asbestos)
2.fire resistant(withstand fire up to 4 hours)
3.thermal insulation (thermal conductivity is about 0.16~0.17W/(m.K))
4.sound insulation (up to 51dB)
5.lower cost (light weight and fast installation will save much cost on transportation,labor,foundation,structure etc.)


High demand for the environmental protection building material in construction industry now,we are preparing to provide this wall panel for every customers,and rich experience in green building material would help you a lot.Below are some pictures of our project we ever done for your reference.

About Onekin

Onekin has 8 years experience in green building material,13 years history of factory,more than 70 sets production moulds,daily capacity is about 1000,000 square meters.We ensure the quality as we products passed the testing like TUV,ASTM by the third party,until now we accepted every chanllenges then we become a prefessional company in house building material - environmental prtection wall panel.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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