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interior wall panel as substitutes for bricks

interior wall panel as substitutes for bricks

  • thickness: 75/90/100/120 mm (interior wall)
  • standard size: 2800/2900*600 (easy for container loading)
  • length range: 2200~3600
  • design: tongue & groove
  • standard: US & Singapore standard

what is interior wall panel?

  Onekin interior wall panel is a new kind of wall material, the concept of this panel is prefabricated wall. so the big advantage of this panel is fast & easy installation.

  also, Onekin interior wall panel use magnesium oxide as raw mateiral. it is a nature fireproof element, it makes our panel has excellent performance on fireproof, thermal insulation ect.

  what's more, the whole production is based on chemical reaction. it makes the panel two advances: one is totally green, there's no toxic material in the panel; another is high strength, by chemical reation, the raw material is bonded with each other, makes the panel high strength.

Why Onekin interior wall panel can be used as substitutes for bricks

  Onekin interior wall panel is designed for substitues for bricks. contractors can use it as replacement without any worry, because:
1. from the appearance
  Onekin interior wall panel use tongue & groove design, makes the connection between panels is more easy. also, with hollow core, makes the panel lighter, and easy for pipe laying.
2. from the performance
 Onekin interior wall has better performance than bricks, these performance can be important for wall material.
 fireproof: grade A1, fire rating up to 4 hours, can meet high level requirement for fire protection
 noiseproof: Onekin interior wall system 51dB
 heavy weight anchorage: 4000N, can hold air conditioner without any problem
 green: 100% asbestos free, no formaldehyde
 save energy: when outside temperature is 40℃, inside can be 28℃.

How easy for Onekin interior wall panel installation

since it's prefab wall panel, the installation for our panel is very easy and fast.
you will need:
three workers as a team
fiberglass mesh, glue power, U clips, rivets, mortars for joint fixing.

and there's only six steps for installtion, details please refer to our installation guidance,
or you can contact our sales.

Project reference for Onekin interior wall

Onekin interior wall has done lots of project, here list a five star hotel project as reference.

project details as:
location: Beijing, China
floors: 7 floors
thickness: 100mm
total area: 20,000 square meters.

for more project reference, please contact our sales.

Can we have a look at Onekin factory?

Onekin factory covers 25,000 square meters area,currently have 70 machines on production. we can always add machine to meet larger requirement.
main area is prodution line, warehouse, with raw material storage, mould maintaining ect.

Onekin factory



Onekin Certifications

Onekin has ASTM, TUV certificates.
test data including fireproof, noiseproof, strength, thermal conductivity, door slamming ect.
for detail datas, please contact our sales.

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