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introduction Onekin green panel lightweight and easy installation   introduction Onekin green panel lightweight and easy installation   introduction Onekin green panel lightweight and easy installation   

introduction Onekin green panel lightweight and easy installation  

  • Brand Name:
  • onekin
  • Model Number:
  • mgo board C-100,100mm
  • compressive strength:
  • 4.4MPa
  • Sound insulation:
  • 51dB
  • flexural strength:
  • 0.492MPa
  • thermal transmission:
  • 0.0349w/m.k
  • fire resistance:
  • more than 3 hours commercial partition wall
  • after-service:
  • installation avaliable flexible

introduction Onekin green panel lightweight and easy installation



Onekin is a Chinese wall panel manufacture over 13 years,we aim to offer our customers lightweight fast install panel which is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, plant fiber,and fly ash. It is non-combustible at 800℃ and no smoke at 1200℃.


Lighter weight

ü 36kg/m2 for 90mm thickness, only around

    1/3 that of cement board;

ü Faster and easier installation, 40m2/worker/day;

ü Shorter project period, less labor and materials


ü Up to 30% total project cost reduction.

Higher flexural, compressive 

and impacting strength

ü Less wastage during transportation, handling,

    installation and decoration;

ü Ideal for adding fireproofing to wood, masonry

    or steel frame construction;

ü Convenient for all other wall partition cladding


Higher fire resistance 

and non-combustibility

ü Class A according to national standard;

ü No flame spread or hazardous smoke developed

    according to ASTM test method;

ü Non-combustible at 800℃, no flame at 1200℃ 

    according to national standard;

ü Refractory material for infrared radiation to 

    save energy.

Lower thermal conductivity 

but higher heat absorption

ü Heat absorption up to 80%;

ü Creating a nicer living environment.

Mineral based and stronger 


ü Longer endurance, less cost on re-decoration;

ü Subjected to temperature change;

ü No expansion or contraction;

ü Reduce allergies coursed by acid or alkali 

in experiment, laboratory, school, hospital 

and factory;

ü Termite and other insects resistance;

ü Lower moisture infiltration;

ü Mold and mildew resistance.

Superior sound insulation

ü 36 to 51 dB by national standard.

Completely natural and 

environmental protection

ü Production mostly rely on self-reaction of raw 


ü No toxic additives;

ü Free of asbestos, formaldehyde or radiation;

ü 100% Bio-degradable and recyclable;

ü Produced without excessive waste;

ü Very little amount of CO2 emitted during 



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