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light weight Onekin green panels as a concrete block substitute for house construction

light weight Onekin green panels as a concrete block substitute for house construction

  • Raw materials: Magnesium oxide,Magnesium chloride,flyash,plant fiber
  • Standard size: 2800 x 600 x 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • Certificates: ASTM,TUV
  • Main performances: light weight,high strengthfast installation,fireproof
  • Key words: concrete block substitute manufacture
  •            light weight panels as concrete block substitute
  •            China supplier of concrete block substitute
  •            Eco-friendly alternative to concrete block
light weight Onekin green panels as a concrete block substitute for house construction

What is Onekin green panels as a concrete block substitute?
Onekin green panel is an Eco-friendly building materials which is widely used in exterior/interior wall partitions for house construction,it's made from Magnesium oxide,Magnesium chloride,flyash,plant fiber,foaming agent and bonds with chemical reaction.They are manufacured from natually occurring materials and do not contain any organic substances. Onekin panels can be a concrete block substitute building material due to its high performances and lower light weight.

As a concrete block substitute building material,specifications list as following for reference:
Size: 2200~3600 x 600 x 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
Weight for 2800 * 600mm standard sizes :
Thickness(mm)  75  90  100   120  150   200 
 Density (kgs/m2)  33  40  45  53  60  70

Designs: Tonge & Groove designs at the two sides of the panel, and hollow core in the middle.

Performances of concrete block substitute Onekin green panels would have?
1.light weight
Onekin green panel adopts hollow core designs,resulted in light weight than concrete block materials,then there is no need deep foundation and will reduce the size of the column and structure,saving the cost of transportation,labor and overall management.
2.fireproof grade A1
Its main raw material magnesium oxide is a natural fireproof material.
3.easy to install
Onekin panels as an alternative to concrete blocks,it is very easy to install as T&G junction,will shorten the project period.
4.Flexible use
When you use it for house construction,it can be easily cut,sawn,drilled and taped.
For more performances you can consult our sales to get detailes. 

Why Onekin green panels can be a concrete block substitute?
Concrete block was a normal building material,as a new type of building materials - Onekin panels,why it can be a concrete block substitute?
1.It's more lighter than concrete block,and very convenient for carring and will save up to 10%~30% of  total cost .
2.Fire endurance can reach 4 hours,which means that will reduce casualties when fire accident happened.

Onekin panels project pictures
Onekin successfully sales our products in many countries,and many good feedback from our customers,here are some project pictures for reference:

Onekin company introduction

Onekin specializes in green and ecological building materials,and has a strong team to provide our good services for all the customers.We are looking forward to creating a win-win situation for both of us.

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