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lightweight insulated concrete panels ready made walls precast wall panels for prefab houselightweight insulated concrete panels ready made walls precast wall panels for prefab houselightweight insulated concrete panels ready made walls precast wall panels for prefab houselightweight insulated concrete panels ready made walls precast wall panels for prefab houselightweight insulated concrete panels ready made walls precast wall panels for prefab house

lightweight insulated concrete panels ready made walls precast wall panels for prefab house

  • brand: onekin
  • product name:best price sandwich panels replacement
  • design: hollow core, T & G
  • MOQ: 40HQ
  • key words:sandwich panels price
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Lightweight Insulated Concrete Panel Ready Made Wakks Precast Wall Panel for Prefab House


 Onekin always trying to specialize innovative magnesium oxide buildingmaterial, and its high fireproof and lightweight performance make it a perfectalternative to traditional building materials. and here is a new alternative to sandwich panels with cheap price

Precast sandwich panels replacement introduction:



Product name

best price sandwich panels replacement


Up to 4 hours

Thermal conductivity





Can reach up to 51dB

Fast installation


Cost saving


Energy saving

Up to 80%



Eco - friendly

No asbestos, no formaldehyde

Standard size





  Onekin precast sandwich panel replacement is a new type precastnon-flammable material made of magnesium oxide, which is a natural fireproofmaterial. It has special T & G and hollow core design.

What make customers choose our best price precastsandwich panels replacement?

1. Fast installation

 The best price is not the only benefits we can offer, When compared with othersimilar materials, our sandwich panels replacement wins our customers heart byits incredible fast installation, and what make it can be install so quickly?

 Lightweight: the weight of 90mm precast sandwich panels alternative is 36kg/m2.Our sandwich panels substitute using foaming craft during the productionprocess, and the hollow core design also help to lighter the weight of thepanels. Lightweight feature can save transport cost, labor cost in constructionperiod.

 T & G design: this design make our panel’s installation can be more easier.And this can help to shorten the construction time. As our customers feedback,it enable 3~5 times faster than traditional cement panels.

 By shorten construction time and lower transport cost and labor cost, our panelcan reach 30% cost saving.

2. Heatresistant and energy saving

 Thermal conductivity of Onekin alternative to sandwich panels is 0.17w/mk,which make it a insulation materials. In that case, it can be heat resistantand energy saving at same time.

3. Our bestprice sandwich panels replacement have certificates

 Onekin is a professional mgo products supplier with 13 years’ experience, weare expert manufacturer of fireproof precast wall panels to replace sandwichpanel, AAC panels and foam concrete, etc. Our precast panel can be used as wallsystem,wall partition panels and ceiling panels, and we provide certificatesincluding ASTM, TUV, CE etc.

Project reference of best price sandwich panelsreplacement:

  Ourbest price alternative to sandwich panels can be used in all kinds of buildingconstructions. And we already served in projects in Oman, Singapore, Vietnam,Ethiopia and many other countries, below is the project feedback for yourreference.

Oman steel structureproject

Singapore concretestructure project


 Our factory has panel producing department, foaming agent productiondepartment, equipment maintain department and offices and laboratory. Thosedepartment make our factory can not only provide high quality buildingmaterials but also can make sure we can offer professional service:

1.Technology research center to ensure the formulation and product’sinnovation. 
2.  Strict Quality control team to ensure high quality. 
3. Engineering team with architectural design and installation to ensure thesmooth project development. 
4.Professional international sales team to ensure effective communication andtransaction.
5. Full ranges of after sales service system to solve problems quickly.

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Company exhibition:

 Onekin is a company focus on Green and Innovation, we provide high qualityprecast building materials, and always follows the principle of “CustomersFirst, Employees second, Shareholders last” principle to serve our customers. Wehave serve in many project in Oman, Singapore, Vietnam, etc, and as a fastgrowing company, we are search for more cooperate with customers around theworld. We have joined many international exhibitions, and below is the pictureabout our Big5 exhibition in Dubai.

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