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lower cost easy installation fireproof wall panel Magnesium Oxide panellower cost easy installation fireproof wall panel Magnesium Oxide panellower cost easy installation fireproof wall panel Magnesium Oxide panel

lower cost easy installation fireproof wall panel Magnesium Oxide panel

  • installation speed: 40~50 m2/day/worker
  • decoration type: no need mortar
  • lightweight: 1/3 weight of traditional brick
  • line and plumbing: use hollow core
  • Loading port: Tianjin port

lower cost easy installation fireproof wall panel Manesium Oxide panel

Onekin fast installation wall panel introduction

  Onekin fast installation wall panel is designed as non-loading bearing walls for interior, exterior, partition.
the raw material of the panel is mgo, that is magnesium oxide. it is a nature thermal insulation material, which makes the panel high performance for fireproof.
with Onekin panel, can reach fire rating four hours.
  also, the panel use prefab wall concept, easy for panel install.

  standard size:2800/2900*600*75/90/100/120/150/200
  color: white
  surface: smooth, no need mortar
  design: tonge * groove, easy for panel connection
  fixing: use U clips.

How can Onekin fast installation wall panel short the construction time

  Onekin panel use the concept of prefab wall, the height is designed based on the consideration of floor height.
it can save constrution time on below points:
1. fast installation
  Onekin panel is very fast in installation. one worker can install 40~50 square meters per day. 
while traditional brick can install only 5~7 square meters. can increase installation time largely.
2. save on decoration
  the sureface of Onekin panel is very smooth, so there is no need for mortar, can do skin coat directly.
this can help to save time and cost.
3. save time on coloums
  because Onekin panel is lightweight, the support for colomn is less. so it can save time on the colomns.

according to above, it can fast constrution time greatly, per feedback from our customers, it save three month for 16
floors buildings. and this is only for interior install.

The performance of Onekin fast installation wall panel

  due to Onekin panl has many advance performance, it has become the replacement for traditional brick, hollow brick,
AAC panel ect.

1. save cost
  it can save cost about at least 10% for a whole project, based on the feedback from our customer.
2. easy installation
  the panel is easy cut, and can be lifted by manpower, make it very easy install.
3. fireproof
  Onekin panel reach fireproof grade A1, fire rating time up to 4 hours.
4. moistureproof
  for high humidity area, Onekin panel is perfact with mositureproof. it's good using in high humidity & high temperature
5. eco-green
  Onekin panel has no toxic elements such as asbestos, formaldehyde ect.
6. lightweight
  it is 1/3 weight of tranditional brick
7. save energy
  Onekin panel can save engergy up to 80%.
  keep the house cool in Summer, warm in Winter.

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with great product ability, can meet your large demand.

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