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magnesium Oxide board high temperature tolerance dont easy scratch

magnesium Oxide board high temperature tolerance dont easy scratch

  • thickness: 6mm
  • standard size: 1220*2440
  • usage: wall decoration, floor decoration
  • lead time: 20 days after advance payment
  • packing: wooden pallet

magnesium board high temperature tolerance dont easy scratch


  Onekin laminated board high temperature tolerance is produce based on mgo board. it is developed by Onekin to meet the decoration requirement for walls & floors, while the current material has problems such as easy scratch, easy take off after high temperature ect.

  Why Onekin laminated board can change the situation?
  1. not easy scratch
  Onekin lamminated board is designed and produced by UV rendition, which has high tolerance for scratch. we have done sratch test on the floors, and it turns our no scratch.

  2. dont take off after high temperature
  Onekin laminated board is made based on magnesium oxide board, it is grade A1 fireproof material. with excellent performance for thermal insulation, it has tolerance against high temperature. also with UV rendition technology, it is a whole part which magnesium oxide, can perfectly solve the problem for taking off.


  Onekin laminated board was made in our own factory, after half year test, finally we are proud to share this new technology products with all customers.

Onekin introduction

Onekin Green Builing Material is focuse on magnesium oxide series products, our targe is provide fireproof & lightweight materials with new technology, to provide & solve the current problem for customers.
to make a geen building life.

Onekin Green Building Material(Chengdu Onekin)

*  located in Chengdu, Sichuan
*  leading Onekin Brand, Focus on mgo &  related side products

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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