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magnesium oxide fireproof door core board for Vietnam marketmagnesium oxide fireproof door core board for Vietnam marketmagnesium oxide fireproof door core board for Vietnam market

magnesium oxide fireproof door core board for Vietnam market

  • Raw material: Magnesium oxide  
  •               magnesium chloride
  •               plant fiber
  • Advantages: lower cost
  •             eco-friendly
  •             lightweight
  • Packing: pallet packing

magnesium oxide fireproof door core board for Vietnam market

Onekin is  a leading wall panel supplier in China, our door core board is made of non-combustible material Magnesium Oxide.

Our door core board can easily reach fireproof time 120min.

Below is the the fireproof solutions feedback by our customers after the used our door core board to test in Vietnam.

EI 70min: 2100*900*48mm door core board, density:420kg/m3

EI 90min: 2100*900*38mm door core board, density:420kg/m3

EI 120min: 2100*600*36mm door core board + 6mm thickness mgo board on both sides.

1. Raw material

Onekin door core board is made of Non-combustible lightweight wall materials. Fire rating time can reach 2 hours. It is the best chooses for all kind of fireproof door, steel door of wooden doors. 

The door core board is composed of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride and plant fiber. The three raw materials are all natural, so they are harmless to human body and environment. After mixing magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, reinforce the board with fiber cloth to enhance its strength and toughness.


2. Advantages


Fireproof: As a natural fireproof material, magnesium oxide makes the fire prevention effect of door core board very good.More importantly, it is harmless to the human body environment, and does not contain any harmful substances or radioactive substances.



Lightweight: Adding foaming agent in magnesium oxide, while ensuring the quality, makes the product lighter, easier to handle and save the transportation cost.



Environment friendly: Magnesium oxide door core board instead of the traditional perlite board, more healthy and environmentally friendly. Harmless to the environment, harmless to the human body, safe and healthy use.


3. Product and packing


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