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Steel structure

Steel structure

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Customers Feedback

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moistureproof xps panel low price substitute in house construction

moistureproof xps panel low price substitute in house construction

  • Material: Mgo green panel
  • Use: Warehouse,Workshop,Plant,Shop,Villa, Booth,Sentry Box,Guard House,Hotel,House,Carport,Office,Toilet
  • Color: white
  • Standard size: 2800*600*75/100/120/150/200mm
  • Transport and load: shipping container (40' HQ) .
  • Installation: 40~50m2 per day per skillful worker
  • Life span: at least 60 years
  • Structure: high intensity with steel structure/wood structure/concrete structure frame.
  • Waterproof,moistureproof XPS panel substitute in house construction
moistureproof XPS panel low price substitute in house construction

What is moistureproof XPS panel substitute? 

Onekin green Mgo panel can be a substitute of XPS panel,it is used would wide as insulation and moistureproof against temperature extremes and wet conditions and has been adapted as one of the nice energy saving material in the building material.

Major materials of this Onekin green Mgo panel moistureproof XPS panel substitute adopt environmental protection materials with good heat and sound insulation,fireproof functionality,which could adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range,and quiet indoor living condition as well as nice fire reacting when fire accident happened. 

What the raw materials of moistureproof XPS panel substitute? 

Raw materials of Onekin green Mgo panel is high purified Magnesium Oxide,Magnesium chloride as main cementing material,filling material we applied fiber plant,fly ash and additives.

Specifications for reference
To satisfy customers’ different requirements when they choose a wall panel for house project,this XPS panel substitute Onekin green Mgo panel we provide full range of sizes:
2200~3600mm x 600mm x 75/90/100/120/150/200mm

Hollow core in the middle of the Onekin green Mgo panel,for different thickness with different hollow.You can refer to below:
Hollow diameter: 40mm for 75/120mm thickness
               60mm for 90/100/120/150/200mm
And different sizes with different usages,our recommendation as below for reference:
75/90/100/120mm thickness as interior wall.
150/200mm thickness as exterior wall. 

Advantages of this xps panel substitute Onekin green Mgo panel? 

Structure frame: steel structure,wood structure,concrete structure
Fire Resistant & Non-Combustible: as you know,magnesium oxide is naturally occurring mineral material(non combustible) and main material,so the panel is a kind of nice fire resistant material,reaction fire time up to 4 hours.
Water resistant and moistureproof: low water absorption level
Lightweight: hollow core design in a way to make the panel much lighter than traditional wall,like stone,clay bricks,this design is also convenient for wire and pipes installation.
Environmentally“Green”& Non-Toxic: completely green material,it’s good for people’s health and environmental protection.
Fast installation: Tongue and Groove edge connection,a skillful worker could install 40~50m2 per day. 

Project we ever did for reference: 

We are proud of our achievements and level of success. We know that the only measure of our success is the satisfaction of our customers and the real needs of our customers thus we continue to grow and keep innovation.We committed to providing our customers with quality products and quality services.As xps panel substitute,Onekin green Mgo panel has been got many nice feed back when customers used our panel in their house construction. 

About Onekin company 

With over 13 years of experience factory in the green wall material industry,Onekin specializes in commercial building,high building,residential house,villa etc. construction. Our goal is to not only help providing green wall material and house design if required,but to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. 

xps panel substitute for house construction:
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