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Fast installation wall panel sound proof and water resistant

Fast installation wall panel sound proof and water resistant

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Life span:70years
  • Surface:smooth
  • MOQ:40HQ
  • Application:internal wall.partition,external wall
  • lightweight: 41kg/m2 (100mm)
  • Fast installation: 40m2/man/day
  • Fireproof:up to 4h
  • Sound insulation: 51dB
  • Water absorption: 22%

Fast installation wall panel sound proof and water resistant


Onekin wall panel is a new type of precast wall. The main material is magnesium oxide, which is nature fireproof elements. Onekin green panel is the fast installation wall panel.It can be used as the interior wall panel and extirior wall panel. Because it is lightweight wall panel, so, one worker can install 40--50m2 panels per day. 


Products information

Raw material: magnesium oxide.

Standard size: 2800*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm.

Usage: partition wall, external and internal wall.


Why it is lightweight?


Onekin MGO panel is an environment-friendly wall panel which is widely used in wall construction. It is a new type of non-flammale materials made of lightweight materials, including magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash, plant fiber etc. Different with traditional concrete wall panel, it is lightweigt and fast installation.






How about the installation?   

Onekin wall panel is easy cut and sawn and taped. According to our customers feedback and experience, one worker can install about 40~50 square meters in one day. While it is only 5~7 squre meters for traditional bricks. With this installation speed, can shorten the whole project time 30%.




Onekin fireproof partition board can be directly nailing or bolts to hang heavy things, such as air conditioning, single point hanging force in more than 45 kg;


First we join the panel by using nails, mortar and fiberglass mesh tape to join the panel. Our panel’s installation is easy fast, one skilled worker can install 40㎡/day. The middle of our panel use hollow core design, for easy pipe line & electrical line.

More installation detail, please see below link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzFu114Gln8



How about the performence?


Experiments show that onekin fireproof partition board can make any waterproof decorative surface in the absence of circumstances, with cement bond into a pool filled with water, on the back wall can keep dry, leaving no trace, also won't appear condensate beads in wet weather.


Wall panels are professional waterproof board, has a good waterproof, moistureproof performance, can be used in wet area such as kitchen, toilet, basement.




Our service can be list as below:

1 building design suggestions

Normally, with our experience, Onekin can give reasonable suggestion for the building designes, can save cost largely.

2. installation guidance & training

Onekin is very professional not only in our own products, but also the building structure and installation. We provide installation guidance, even give at site trainings if needed.

3. timely & proper feedback

When there's anything customers may need to know, Onekin is always here ready to help. Onekin feels so proud to help people.



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