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water resistant AAC block alternative wall panelwater resistant AAC block alternative wall panelwater resistant AAC block alternative wall panel

water resistant AAC block alternative wall panel

  • water resistant:no affected by moisture
  • water absorption rate:22%
  • fireproof: up to 4 hours
  • Standard specifications: 2800mm*600mm
  •                  Length: 2200mm-3600mm 
  •                   Width: 600mm 
  • Thickness: 90mm/100mm/120mm/150mm/200mm
  • key words:waterproof AAC block alternative
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water resistant AAC block alternative wall panel
let's know about water resistant AAC block alternative wall panel

  Water resistant AAC block alternative is a high quality building material made by inorganic materials---- magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride of high quality as main raw materials and sawdust, plant fiber etc. Onekin has several years' experiences on magnesium oxide products, our mature technology and formula makes our green wall panel combines high strength, water resistant, mold  resistant, cost effect, eco friendly and offers most reliable  test report like ASTM, TUV singapore and CE. 

  • package of waterproof AAC block alternative wall panel:

why choose water resistant AAC  block alternative wall panel? 

  •   Onekin water resistant AAC block just like it's name is a ideal replace of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) block. The alternative that we propose should be durable and have better properties than superseded products. water resistant  AAC block alternative's performance is very stable, as a kind of waterproof wall panel with outstanding water-resistant performance, it's water absorption rate is only 22%, will not be affected by moisture, so that our AAC  block replacement wall panel can be used in construction at wet place. 

  •   At the same time, to replace AAC blocks, our waterproof wall paneling also have fireproof grade A1. According to our TUV fire resistant test, fire rated 132 min for 100mm Onekin AAC replace panels. The fireproof performance of AAC blocks replacement wall panel is good enough for a full insulation partition system used in fire separation zone. 

  • water-resistant AAC alternative wall panels also have performances below:
                                    Environmental friendly: It is made of inorganic materials, don't have any bad impact on the environment and waterway.                                                           
                                    Lightweight: It is lighter than AAC blocks, concrete, bricks, can be easily moved by two workers during construction.
                                    Sound and thermal insulation: AAC alternative panel adopts hollow core design using air as medium of sound and thermal insulation.

Here is the project references of water resistant AAC block alternative wall panel: 

Onekin is a professional AAC alternative panels supplier, we are trying to develop new building materials more energy- efficient can adapt different kind of environment, to avoide the shortage of traditional building materials like  AAC block, briks, concrete blocks. In the progress of modern construction concept, magnesium oxide wall panels get a lot of attention because of it's fireproof, waterproof, lightweight, soundproof,eco-friendly performance. With so many excellent performance, waterproof wall panel replace for AAC block had been used in many constructions, below shows waterproof panels using as interior wall panels. If there is anything you want to know about our panel welcome to contact our sales. 

Onekin after service:
Onekin is a place always follows the principle of “Customers first”, our company provide before & after-sales service: structure suggestion, installation guidance, transportation tracking, quality feedback and so on. And we have professional research and development personnel can provide technical support.





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