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Onekin wall panel project

Wall panel project



1. High rise building

Vietnam Project

Local Conditions

Location: Vietnam   

Temperature: 15℃~35℃

Humidity: 50--100%

Project Type: high rise building

Project time: 2015


In March, 2015, Novaland company in Vietnam, a powerful developer concern about green and environment protection. they visited our Onekin green precast panel factory with AGC company.


They were satisfied with Onekin quality control system and capacity.They took away some small samples and tested themselves, the results are very satisfactory. Furthermore, our panel is moisture proof, it is much more suitable for the high temperature and humidity area like Vietnam. After one month, they ordered 100mm and 200mm panel from Onekin Company. with the lightweight and easy to install advantages of our precast panel, they finished Sunrise City project, a 40 floors residential construction much earlier than their plan.






After half year, when we did after service in 2016, AGC company told us, both of them and Novaland company are very satisfied with our panel quality as well as delivery. They said that Onekin precast panel is high fireproof and healthy according to their test, and the lightweight performance help to save so much cost such as reducing the construction frame, and precast wall system shorten a lot of project time for them.


Meanwhile, they told us that actually, 90mm panel is enough for internal wall, and 120mm or max 150mm is enough for partition wall. They also plan to use 90mm and 150mm in next projects.


 Other high rise buildings


Project name: Vinpearl Empire Condotel Nha Trang

Usage: 5 star hotel


Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Onekin panel: 150mm for partition, 100mm for internal wall.]


Project name: Vinpearl Beach Front Condotel

Usage: 5 star hotel


Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Onekin panel usage: 150mm for partition, 100mm for internal wall.



Project name: China National Automobile R&D Base

Usage: Office


Location: China

Onekin panel usage: 150mm for external wall partition,90mm for internal wall.


2. Middle rise building


Project Name: The Gardens

Location: Hulhumale, Maldives

Project Type: Middle rise building

Project time: 2019—2020

Floor: 15

Onekin panel: 90mm and 120mm panel.



This project is named “The Gardens - Exotic Elegance”, it’s a luxury apartment project located in Hulhumale Island near the sea side. According to their design, they used 120mm panel as external wall, 90mm panel as internal wall. For partition wall they used 90mm + rock wool + 90mm, according to their feedback, this kind of installation measure has good sound insulation performance.


We did two times of after sales service for this project in 2019:

The first time was 6th Jun - 12th Jun, our engineer come to this project site and trained their workers about the installation of our wall panel, its includes: wall panel installation, door & window panel installation, gap filling,waterproof coating using, wall quality checking etc.


The second time was 3rd Sep - 5th Sep, Our engineer came to their site again, this time our engineers mainly trained them about secondary decoration, its includes: wall surface treatment, decoration materials choosing etc.




Actually, at the beginning, they have two choices, Onekin green panel and eps sandwich panel. But why they finally chose us?


The main reason is that our panel is light and east installation, one skilled worker can install 40m2/day. Quick installation can help them shorten construction time and saving labor cost. Another reason is that there is few waste panel left during the installation, the construction site is clean after installation, no more cost for clean the construction site.


                  Other middle rise project


Project name: Alzaytona University

Location: Palestine

Onekin panel: 90 and 120mm



Project name: Nanhu s hotel

Location: China

Onekin panel: 100mm internal.



3. Lower rise building



Singapore Project

Location: Singapore  

Project Type: low rise building

Project time: 2013—2015



In Singapore, there are main 2 similar wall panels with Onekin green panel: Joe panel and AAC panel. But this two panels has their shortages, the Joe panel is heavy and the AAC panel is easily broken in transport. Many contractors are afraid of the installation safety and time cost caused by those shortages, and in view of this problem, the companies in Singapore started to know about our precast panels from 2010.



They asked for Onekin green panel small samples and tested the fire proof panel themselves, the performance of our precast panel satisfied them, so after one month, they came to visited Onekin Company, factory and the research center of precast wall panel. They satisfied with our green panel because of the function of fireproof, lightweight, quick and safe installation.



From 2011, they imported Onekin green panel in succession by 90mm and 120mm thickness for internal wall and partition wall. They fed us back that they used our light weight panels to complete 1 years of project in 3 months and that’s impressed.


Other lower rise project


1. Villa group in Fuji

Location: Fuji



2. Factory in Singapore

Location: Singapore

Wall: 8.4m wall



3. Apartment in Australia


Floor: 3 floors

Onekin panel: 90mm



4.The installation with steel structure


Local Conditions

Location: Oman (Middle East)

Project Type: low rise building

Project time: 2014

Onekin panel: 100mm


Oman customer - AL TURKI ENTERPRISES L.L.C (share this information has been approved by customer) met Onekin at Jan, 2014. Back then, they were trying to find heat insulation wall materials for their dormitory projects.

Though their first intention for wall if 100mm thickness, after Onekin introduction & their own samples checking, they decide to go for 90mm Onekin Green Panel with moisture-proof, since the humidity is relatively high in their country. The order quantity is 20 containers, made in April, 2014.


One year later, Onekin has received positive feedback from them, with good comments as: 1. Energy Saving. Test showed that the temperature difference between inside & outside is about 20 centigrade, without any air conditioner. 2. Clean Construction Site. Based on their feedback, the construction site is rather clean, compared with AAC blocks & tradition bricks.


Later, with another year evaluation, Oman customer is impressed by Onekin Green Panel for the fast installation & environment protection, they expressed their intention for being our exclusive agent. 

With a series of assessment, Onekin is happy to sign the agent contract with them. Due to deep impressed by their professional attitude towards construction, as well as the same value sharing for environment protection.










Other steel structure


Located : Korean projects

Project Type: prefab house

Project time: 2019

Onekin panel: 150mm




5.The installation with concrete structure


Taxing Authority building

Location: China

Onekin panel: 90mm