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Steel structure

Oman Project
Local Conditions
Location: Oman (Middle East)
Temperature: 15℃~47℃
Humidity: above 50%
Local material: AAC block
Project Type: low rise building - steel structure
Project time: 2014

  Oman customer - AL TURKI ENTERPRISES L.L.C (share this information has been approved by customer) met Onekin at Jan, 2014. Back then, they were trying to find heat insulation wall materials for their dormitory projects.

  Though their first intention for wall if 100mm thickness, after Onekin introduction & their own samples checking, they decide to go for 90mm Onekin Green Panel with moisture-proof, since the humidity is relatively high in their country. The order quantity is 20 containers, made in April, 2014.

  One year later, Onekin has received positive feedback from them, with good comments as: 1. Energy Saving. Test showed that the temperature difference between inside & outside is about 20 centigrade, without any air conditioner. 2. Clean Construction Site. Based on their feedback, the construction site is rather clean, compared with AAC blocks & tradition bricks.

  Later, with another year evaluation, Oman customer is impressed by Onekin Green Panel for the fast installation & environment protection, they expressed their intention for being our exclusive agent. 

  With a series of assessment, Onekin is happy to sign the agent contract with them. Due to deep impressed by their professional attitude towards construction, as well as the same value sharing for environment protection.