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Onekin project

  Onekin has service for series projects.Onekin green wall panel is fire proof wall panel, lightweight wall panel and water proof wall panel, it can be used as all kinds of wall partition board in the buildings  or prefab house such as interior wall,external wall, steel structure,wood struture,concrete structure, high buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings,factory,public construction including hotels, hospitals, schools, even the high fire resistant buildings, it can be instead of tradiditonal bricks,hollow block,OSB board,fiber cement panel, gypsum panel even the concrete cement panel etc.

Steel structure

  Lvzhou Vila:3 layers,500m2,100mm lightweight wall panel for interior and exterior wall.filish installation within two days.

Prefab house

  Domitry for Al Turki Enterprise LL.C in Oman:steel structure,3 layers,20,000m2, 90mm for interior wall and 120 for exterior wall.

Low cost house

Low cost house in Ecuador.2 layers, 50 buildings in total,12000m2,including special 100mm for slab, 90mm for interior wall,120mm for exterior wall.Furthermore,the columns and corners are also special MgO panel.

High buildings

  Nanhu hotel in China,100mm for internal and partion wall.

Concrete structure

  Broadcasting building in Singapore.100mm for interior wall.

Wood structure

  Yangliuqing manor in Chengdu.1 layer,100 for interior and exterior wall.

Exterior wall

  R&D center of China automible in Beijing.200mm for exterior wall panel

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