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FAQ for Onekin Green Wall Panel


* What is Onekin Green Wall Panel?

 Onekin Green Panel is an inorganic building materials, the main theory is that magnesium oxide reacts and bonds with magnesium chloride, filling material is fly ash and reinforced by plant fiber. The main applications of Onekin Green panel are wall partitions to instead of clay bricks, hollow block, cement hollow panel.


* What is the general application of Onekin Green Wall Panel?

 Different Walls

  1) Interior wall (including kitchen and bathroom)

2) Exterior wall

3) Partition Wall

4) 4 hours fireproof wall


1) Concrete Structure

2) Steel Structure

3) Wood Structure

Various Buildings

1) Low-Rise Buildings

2) Middle-Rise Buildings

3) High-Rise Buildings



* What are the advantages of Onekin Green Wall Panel?

1) Super Light-Weight and Faster Installation

Save Cost on Sea Freight

Save Cost on Labor & Time & Cement

Save Cost on Foundation & Structure,


Onekin Green Panel, the total weight of the wall is around 1/3 weight of the normal brick wall. No need for deep foundation and reduce the size of the column and structure. Shorten the project construction period, save cost on overall management, short pay-back.


2) 4 Hours Fireproof

Onekin Green Panel can reach 4 hours fireproof limitation (National testing standard). For 100mm thickness can reach 164mins (Singapore TUV Test) fireproof.


3) Heat Insulation

From SATM (America Standard), the thermal transmission is 0.0349w/m.k, which means the temperature difference between inside and outside is 19℃.


4) Water & Moisture tolerant:

  After a few months soaking, the strength of Onekin Green Panel is the same with before.That is the reason why Onekin Green Panel can be used in High Temperature and High Humidity areas, like Colombia, Maldives, Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai and etc.    

* Can Onekin offer customized size panels?

  Yes, customized panel sizes are available. We have the ability to produce a variety of panel configurations, thickness, and types.


* How are Onekin green panels connected and joined in construction?

There are T & G joins, easy for installation between two panels, for panels and column connecting, we use U shape clips, the same for ceiling and floor part, for details installation method, pls contact with our sales for more information.


* What are the bonding materials for the onekin Green panels joints?

1.We can use normal bonding materials, cement + sand + glue powder.

Also, we adopt fiber glass mesh to enhance the joints.

2.We also can use special anti-crack mortar, and then fiber glass mesh



* What after-sales service can Onekin offer?

Onekin Co. has complete after-sales service system, like followings:

1) Installation training on site

2) Installation quality checking on site

3) Secondary decoration instruction

4) Lifetime quality assurance

5) Problems solving related to our products


* What certificates does Onekin Green Wall Panel have?

Onekin Green Panel is approved by ASTM (America Standard), TUV (Singapore Standard), SGS, COC(Middle East) and so on.

* How does Onekin Green Wall Panel be packed ?

Onekin Green Panel is packed by steel belt or polyester belt, as following:







FAQ for MgO Board



* What is Onekin MgO Board ?

Onekin Green board is kind of inorganic building materials, the main theory is that

magnesium oxide reacts and bonds with MgSo4, reinforced by fiberglass mesh. The main applications of Onekin Green boards are wall partitions to instead of OSB board, fiber cement board, gypsum board.


* What Advantages Onekin MgO Board can offer?

1. Light weight, could be used as structural board in light steel structure or any other partition wall or decoration board

2. High Strength & High Density

3. Fireproof Grade A1

4. Waterproof & Moisture Resistant

5. Inorganic materials, Eco-friendly, no harm to human body 


* What is the Application of Onekin MgO Boards?

1. Used for light steel structure prefab hosue

2. Interior Wall/Exterior Wall/Partition wall

3. Ceiling

4. Flooring base board instead of concrete

5. Decoration board

6. Cladding boards


* What certificates does Onekin MgO Board have?

Onekin MgO Board is approved by ASTM (America Standard), EN (European Standard), CE, SGS.


* What is the danger of low quality MgO board?

1. It Can create salty water in humid temperature and the extra chloride ion left can         rusty metal part

2. Poor water resistance and lower strength.

3. Deformation

4. Easy to crack.

* Is Onekin MgO Board water proof?

Onekin MgO board is waterproof, with very low water absorption rate, and even we put boards into water for a long time, the boards will not be effected by water. For external cladding board and ceiling board, we suggest applying waterproof treatment.


* How Onekin MgO Board packed ?

Onekin green board would be packed by standard exportation wooden pallet, with protection boards on four sides, pictures as follows: