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Loading QC

Quality Control


We are committed to pursuing customer satisfaction by providing superior products and all-round services by our continuous improvements and innovations.

Our quality management system includes Raw Materials QC, Production QC, Storage QC, Packing QC, Loading QC and the Third Party Pre-Shippment Supervision.

We have a strong tracing system and instant status network to increase our production efficiency, providing feedback to the product development process.


(1) Raw Materials QC

   * Raw materials purity:

Magnesium Oxide Purity: >50%, Active≧65, Loss on Burning 5-6%

MgCl2 Purity: 46%

   * Formal Test before mass production:

      Trail production first;y according to different batch of raw materials


(2) Production QC

   * Strictly control the temp & humidity in the plant

    The mixture should be filled in the mould machine within 20 minutes in Summer

   * Enough curing time

   * Self Physical tests for every batch of products & government quality inspection every year.


(3) Storage QC


1) The bottom where the panels are set on has to be flat, and the height of the piled panels must not exceed 4 meters.(square tube or square wood shall be put between each of two layers and be convenience for forklift handling )


2) Try to avoid stacking panels in the open air without covering, and the waterproof tarpaulin- and without logged water conditions are recommended. In addition, prohibition of flat stacking of panels.

3) Panels shall be stacked in dry, without leaking and seepage place.

4) should the panels be penetrated, soaked with water, please take all the wet panels into good ventilation storage place, and separate all the wet panels piece by piece, until all of them are completely dry.

5) Please do not install the panel when it is in wet condition, only apply it when completely dry.



(4) Packing QC


Packing method 1:

The better cost-effective packaging method is with plastic tape because of its high strength. Quantity of panels packed is based on the thickness of the panel ( Generally for 100 mm thickness panels, we pack 11 pieces panels together, while 150mm panels are packed 7 or 8 pieces, in order to fully utilize the container space).


Packing method 2:

Wooden pallet package is also adopted. Generally, according to present packing method, a 40' HQ container can load 16 pallets, among which 8 pallets height is 10cm and the rest are 3mm height because of the fixed height of container.


(5) Loading QC

When loading, the forklift tongues are modified with a purpose of better loading panels with 5 steel tubes. Do not put the forklift tubes into any other holes except the third holes of package vertically as show in picture.